By bronco_lover89 - 22/05/2012 01:05 - United States - Essexville

Today, after months of using the empty driveway across the street from my house, a note was placed under my windshield wiper. It read, "Please stop parking in my driveway. P.S. You’re hot. Are you single?" FML
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AkshaySauce 5

Definitely, because appearance is the most important thing in life. It should be everyone's priority.

Lol you shud say yes but only if he lets you use the driveway XD

If you play your cards right you could still use that parking spot. If you know what I'm saying lol

That's a very simple trade-off, if you know what i mean ;)

You park in his driveway, he parks in your garage. Problem solved.

Looks arent the most important thing in life, but their the most important thing in that note. 11 is just butthurt cause he/she is ugly.

If you're single maybe give him a chance to park in your driveway.. if you know what I mean..... Just Kidding. ;P

I'm sure he'll miss seeing you step out of your car everyday haha.

JocelynKaulitz 28

He will probably only let you use that parking spot if it's parked while he's in the car with you ;)

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well how are you supposed to get a note back to answer if you can't park there? he should have thought this through better.

No.. No one knows what any of you mean!! Dam just say it already: he ***** you you take the parking. Now that wasn't so hard was it?

58, It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that because she is parking in his driveway she knows quite easily how to reach him. Unless your comment was supposed to be sarcastic, in which case it just wasn't funny enough for me to be sure. 11, I know, how can anyone suggest a positive element of the story without reference to appearance being shallow! Of course, it's actually quite shallow to shun appearance entirely without consideration as you appear to be doing...but least you aren't attractive?

couldnt she just... leave a note at his door maybe?

gingerrrr88 11

Ya I'm failing to see what the issue is

It's not like your car was put up on blocks, and you got a compliment to boot. I'm not seeing the FML here.

I'd say the loss of parking spot, good luck with that one OP, hope he's a catch!

Your fault, but still kinda flattering and an easy outcome

OP, why'd you think it was empty? Clearly you need better deducing skills.

And clearly you need to stop thread jacking, tosser.

70- Really, nobody cares. It's not even on your thread, so what have you got to complain about?

I care because it is annoying when you want to see others people thoughts on the comment and you get a new comment

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Wonder why they just now decided its a problem for you to park there? On the bright side, you've got an admirer!!!

Who cares? It's his property and she shouldn't have been there in the first place. Perhaps he just got sick of it because he assumed it was temporary and it appeared she wasn't moving on. Is there any scenario in which this isn't a YDI situation? Stop parking in other peoples driveways and you won't have a problem, jackass.

#78, I do think OP deserves it but I offer a possible justification. Maybe by "empty driveway" OP meant she thought the house was empty. If she lives with parents or housemates who use up all of her home's parking, it might've been seen as a harmless chance to not park on the street for a while.

88, That's the likely situation here, except that is still a YDI scenario :P

Vociferouslife 4

I think the proper term in this context might be "stalker." I'd leave a reply saying "I'm happily married to my 40 cal. Would you like to have a threesome?"

Well you should feel special OP you have a secret admirer

Damn it, I didn't see the comment before me.

Admirers tend to become stalkers, though

^by your picture seems like you would be one to know first hand...lmao

46...I don't know where you pulled that from. Maybe just stop talking...

NoisyNykkii 10

Your comment fits your picture....