By jessiethebestie - 05/05/2016 17:35 - United States

Today, I learned that for the next two months I'll get to train physicians on how to use the computer program that has made my job obsolete. I've known this program was coming for months, but I didn't know it would be taking my job. FML
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Are you a medical scribe? Those are a dying breed. FYL.

Damn computers! In my day we did everything by hand and looked stuff up in encyclopedias and respected our elders! All jokes aside, that sucks OP. Best of luck.


Are you a medical scribe? Those are a dying breed. FYL.

I'm a medical scribe, but I haven't heard of any computer program making our job obsolete... Oh no... I must get accepted into Hogwarts with that guy from the closet of the other FML, otherwise I'll soon be writing FML's of my own!

I would keep your options open, quite a few companies are doing exactly that. M*Modal, Nuance, Dragon, etc. they're getting better and better. Plus administrators are doing everything they can to cut costs. Good luck, I hate to see anyone lose work to automation, but that's the cold reality of things...

Physicians are some of the most stubborn people ever. Especially when it comes to someone trying to teach them something. I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't turn out like your employers plan OP.

Okay, let's clarify here...physicians are stubborn (and get quite angry) when they are told how to do their job, like hearing people on FML give medical advice...They are not stubborn about learning in general, and while they may be reluctant to adapt new technology, they certainly won't be stubborn about it.

Yeah, so reluctant to adapt that half the medical industry is just now getting off windows xp. Not stubborn at all.

Whats wrong with XP?? Its a wonderful OS. The only Windows thats fast, stable, light and consumer oriented. Other than that I love Windows 2000.

19: Well ... the problem is that it's now 2016, and Microsoft has long withdrawn its support from that OS. You can't even mention the word "stability" when you talk about it now (no updates/support = no protection), and most modern applications simply won't run on it anyway, which is pretty much the point of having a computer in the first place. Just like 2000, XP had its time. W7 and 10 are actually pretty good OSs, too.

16: Physicians aren't against anything that makes their job easier. At a certain point, IT investment isn't worth the cost. As for why technology is so far behind, you can thank the government (HIPAA) and EMR companies for that. Most of that software is 15+ years old, and the gov't restrictions on data is ridiculous. You show physicians tech that works, keeps them compliant, and doesn't fuck with their practice, and they'll be all over it like a fat kid on cake.

#24: so what if MS doesn't support it. It still does what it has to. And as far as updates are concerned, depends if you really need them. I dont, not on Parallels, when all the machine does is run WinRAR and other small software. No point upgrading to W10, then upgrading the software, buying a new computer and basically be out by 1000$ without any increase in use-ability. Latest is not always the best. The best is what suits your purpose.

So what if MS doesn't support it!? If it's no longer supported that means it is vulnerable to hackers. Let's just give hackers easy access to sensitive information simply because "What's wrong with still using XP".

sensitive info is never kept on the computer itself it's all stored in a system with its own encryption.... how would any other doctor get access to your medical history...

Sorry OP, hope you are able to find a job elsewhere.

Damn computers! In my day we did everything by hand and looked stuff up in encyclopedias and respected our elders! All jokes aside, that sucks OP. Best of luck.

Try training to be a military pilot knowing that drones are replacing you more every day. I know how you feel OP.

The drone pilots of the future will still be complaining about lag, EA will become an arms dealer and will still be trying to sell things in DLC for 15.99, in this case care packages, to our armed forces And angry Russians will still be screaming "CYKA BLYAT!" when their drones get shot down due to lag

That's worse than training your manager, I feel sorry for you. Good luck in the job hunt.

Ouch. That hurts. Unfortunately this is the way of the future and nobody sees the inherent flaw.

Dang op I hope you figure everything out

gotta love structural unemployment.