By wetandnaked - United States - San Bernardino
Today, after a particularly difficult late night workout at the gym, I decided to shower in the locker room. I must have passed out, because I later woke up naked, surrounded by police after someone called to report a dead body in the shower. FML
wetandnaked tells us more :
OP here: Doctor says it's most likely due to the low blood pressure I didn't know I had prior to that visit. He suggested I include more salt in my diet, and that's about it. Also, I woke up with a towel draped over me, I'm definitely female, and no, the soap didn't smell like chloroform hahaha.
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  MDTeddy  |  13

A hot girl falling asleep in the shower? I would have woken Op up if I heard of this because the chances of a dead body is just so highly unlikely.

  Wolflink289  |  10

Looking back on this comment, it seems too serious. I was TRYING to make it sound funny, but it doesn't sound funny. Since I cannot edit the comment, I will put my revised comment below.

At least it wasn't a prison shower, right?

  emilyjgraham  |  34

well if it was a difficult workout maybe he was tired and couldn't keep his eyes open? or you know when you don't eat and you do exercise and sometimes you feel like you'll faint? maybe that happened..

  Xythenol  |  6

Well she said it was a late night, so maybe she was sleepy. Also, when the water's too hot, all that steam and heat really messes with a person's head and breathing gets a little difficult (don't remember the exact terminology).
It's happened to me a few times before. FYL OP.

By  emilyjgraham  |  34

There's possibly few reasons it happened op, maybe you hadn't eaten enough during the day but like someone said up there ^ just be thankful you didn't get touched. I'm just wondering how they didn't notice your breathing? And think about it, if you'd have gone home to shower, well your water bill would have been very high!