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  hotshot2626  |  9

Seriously, a lot of little kids these days ( up to and including some teens), act like asshats. Now maybe the kid is like 4. If so explain to him that saying things like that can be hurtful.

  just_dandy20  |  2

#13 I agree with your comment, but if that child is 4 saying crap like that. Well I don't think you explaining that it hurt your feelings will matter. Because they've already started being a little shit.

  Kallian_fml  |  21

Speaking from experience as an early childhood educator: If that child was below school age and talking like that, you've really only got the parents to blame (even if it wasn't the parents that taught it, I'd say it's the parents fault for exposing him to people that would teach him that). The second possibility is that he genuinely didn't know that would be hurtful, and was just using a describing word (fat) that he had learned in another context.


The other day I told my little cousin that my boyfriend broke up with me. He said "well that's probably because you're really ugly." Half of me found it funny. The other half almost cried.

  Prolux_fml  |  23

First of all, that's not being painfully honest, that's being a little fucking shit, and second of all, does it really matter if he was playing Xbox? Does them new fancy machineries give you the creeps?

  ambear26  |  14

It was incoherent because it needed a comma after swallowed. Not being a grammar nazi or anything. Just saying I had to read it twice. I thought he was saying that the kids mother swallowed the world.

  Airman1988  |  9

Most intelligent people could realize it was common slight grammar error, and still understood the sentence in the end. Calling it incomprehensible is a little extreme, damn grammar Nazis are getting ridiculous.