By CandyCrushAddict - 21/09/2013 15:09 - United States - Wilson

Today, while having sex with my wife, my Candy Crush addiction hit me full force, and all I could do was think about possible moves I could make in the level I'm stuck on. FML
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That's kinda sad, not gonna lie

I really don't understand the appeal of that game, or how people can spend hours playing it. Could someone shed some light?


That's kinda sad, not gonna lie

I know the feel, but you gotta get off of that app OP.

Get the 'how to get over candy crush' app

michaelaranda 28

Its not sad its actually very similar to a problem some tetris players have. Even when they arent playing tetris, in their mind they are stacking and clearing blocks. So op, dont worry, its not completely abnormal. But you should probably stop playing anyways.

jw90 18

That game really isn't that addicting

that game is actually very addictive. it's CANDY how can you not be addicted to bright colours that release your inner child

24--I disagree it's very sad, the sex either sucks or it's totally boring or both.

andrealovvve 17

Kinda?? That's terrible.

OP, maybe you should think of your wifes "candy" and try thinking of the next possible moves you could try out with her rather than the game? That could possibly take your sex life to a whole new level.

Candy crush < Bejeweled

Gingerette 8

Amen, #79

I really don't understand the appeal of that game, or how people can spend hours playing it. Could someone shed some light?

k_lylepad 19

Have you played it...exactly. Those who've played it know. Play it and feel the pull...join us.

T9FTW 20

I've played it and just got bored with it. It's a stupid game. Then again, I don't play games often or watch TV. Just thumb me down. Why are even still reading this? Sheesh.


I thought the same thing, and then I actually played the game, and next thing you know, I'm 29 levels in and I have to sit in a corner and count to ten because I couldn't clear all the jelly...

CharresBarkrey 15

I played it pretty religiously up until the point where the levels got way too hard to even beat. Now it's not fun anymore.

I'm not sure why it's so addicting, but I've gotten to level 80 and I play it at every opportunity. Of course, it's not so addicting that I'd think about playing it over sex...

Aussieinusa 5

I haven't played it, don't intend to, got final Fantasy xiv to play as well as saints row 4. All the games I need lol.

dianafuentes 17

delete the app

I deleted the app once ONCE!

Little4Bear 10

But then he will start getting flashbacks of his enjoyment for the game. Thus redownloading it again soon. Break the cycle now OP! Also, might I add, it's a "Fuck my wife's life."

Yes, the moment you can't stop thinking about it is the perfect time to delete it.

rockne93 17

Oh yeah...I'm having the same exact problem...because I have sex ALL of the time.

Espolax 8

It is so addicting, but really while having sex

football98_fml 20

i feel you, i really do. once you start playing that game its impossible to stop

Did you yell "Sugar Crush!" when you finished?

Trisha_aus 15


#7 & #47 both of you are epic!

Sounds like you need an intervention.

HighasaCloud 46

There's probably an app for that

julian__91 3

I don't blame you. I just started playing the other day, and all I see is moves in my head that I can make.

I do too , and I'll admit it; even while I had sex but thank god it doesn't happen anymore . I can be normal again!

nikkiluvzglen 16

Why do people get so hooked on that game? It's just a cheap ripoff of bejeweled

Thank YOU finally someone who ******* understands.