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Today, after many years of being single, I finally worked up the courage to ask my coworker out. He said no and gave me "fair warning" that he's going to report me for sexual harassment. FML
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I don't even want to imagine what he'd do if you accidentally brushed up against him

Unless you invited his sweet ass to an orgy, I don't see how on earth this could be warranted.


man_in_black08 28

Careful OP, if you shook his hands, he will claim he was raped by you. Smh.

I don't even want to imagine what he'd do if you accidentally brushed up against him

I guess he'd just shoot Op right then and there and later claim self-defence.

punch him in the dick so he actually has something to report you for.

Is it hard, #8? You know.. Not getting sarcasm. If you need someone, Sheldon is there for you. (Just so you dont get even more confused, no sarcasm in this comment)

It seems that the comment and the replies are posted by geniuses.

Is it hard, #10? Knowing that he actually wasn't being sarcastic, and either way, sarcasm over text is hard to properly convey?

He was and it's not. If it were then books would have a hell of a hard time employing sarcasm and verbal irony.

#37, no, it's not hard. And yes, #3 as OBVIOUSLY being sarcastic. If you dont get it, then I'm not the one to be blamed. And #41 said all the rest that was needed to say, thank you #41!

It must be pretty hard if you're still being a tard about it, 68. Nah, I'm kidding, you're totally picking up on the right ques.

Unless you invited his sweet ass to an orgy, I don't see how on earth this could be warranted.

for the same reason it is when girls do that exact thing to guys for asking them out? not saying I agree, but common.

23 that might be the girls you deal with but I know a lot of girls who just blow it off unless they're very aggressive with it. If they're good with the rejection, no need, if not then report.

leogachi 15

@62 To be fair, he didn't say most girls. False sexual harassment reports are filed all the time and it's usually women who file them. Is it fair? No. Is it true? Yes.

Matt_Hazard 16

It's a knee jerk reaction. Nowadays, guys are so scared of women filing sexual harassment claims against them for no reason (and this is incredibly common in office relationships when a women is simply mad at her boyfriend) that they feel they have to take the aggressive stance. Moral of the story: Never ask a co-worker out on a date. All you're doing is asking for trouble.

And people wonder why people stay home and don't socialize like they used can't even ask someone on a date!

Well if he's already going to report you, might as well get a little saucy ;)

Le_ponderer 14

OP, you should go to HR first and report the occurrence; before they become jaded by his skewed account. Does the part of the office you were talking to him in have cameras? Then they can simply play back and see what happened.

Lol OP he won't get very far. Sexual harassment is classed as on going HR will laugh at him what a knob.

That's if he gives a honest and accurate account of what happened. He may lie through his teeth in order to secure a large pay off. And this is why I am grateful my workplace has a no fraternizing policy between workers.

Says you. I dated a coworker, and now we're engaged, though we've both since left that job.

No, says me, too. My own parents were coworkers at one point, but just like long-distance relationships, don't expect anything to come out of it since it usually – USUALLY doesn't end well.

Allornone 35

while it can certainly be a risky situation and often is a very bad idea, it can work out. my bf and I have worked together for five years and have been dating the last two. we make efforts to keep our relationship out of the workplace, and ensure it doesn't affect the job. so far, I think we've been successful.