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Today, it was my first day at my new job. My new boss asked me if I was single. After telling him I have been happily married for 6 years, he fired me on the spot. FML
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Just because you have the chance to be first doesn't give you the right to write something pointless and rude.

He can't legally fire you for that, sue the fuckkk out of him(:

may be it's a prostitution business. haha.

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9: Just cause you had the chance to be 9th doesn't give you the right to criticize other people and act like you're any better.

@#9 That is'nt rude owned is not a rude word

no your all douches especially number 1 you all just can't see it because your too douche-baggy

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Ur right bt certain things you can not fire for for example if they wont sleep w u is nt acceptable

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28 are you telling him to sue the kool kids klub

@9: He has the right to state his opinion just like you do. He can be rude, pointless, and an asshole; just like you can be dense and clueless. As long as he doesn't violate this site's rules. For **** sake, nobody should come on this site expecting civility or comfort. Plenty of other sites for that.

Ok first of all learn to read and write. And second of all op was a female not a male.

Even in At-Will states, your employer needs a legal reason to fire you. They can fire you for any reason they want, but if they can't show a legal reason when they are sued, they will lose horribly.

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You should sue for that. Someone can't fire another person just because they're married.

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that's discrimination you can take him to court

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No. either way DOES NOT work. I know many playa's who are friends of mine... I try my damnedest to avoid douchebags though! if you think they're interchangeable, you're a fool!

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actually, this case has real merit and should go to trial

Exactly. That's a form of discrimination, you need a legit reason to fire somebody.

Hell yeah it's got tons of merit! Sue his ass for everything he's got!

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Maybe OP wouldn't even have to go that far as to sue. A call to that company's human resource's department would suffice. What OP's boss did was so blatantly illegal, the viability of the potential lawsuit would encourage HR to step in.

seriously. that's totally illegal. I'm not even allowed to ask a persons age when interviewing unpaid interns.

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Unless he was under a 90 day promotion period. Some places have it where by can fire you for any reason within the first 90 days. If this is the case, then he can't sue the company

I would sue!! you should too, because he had no reason to fire you!!

It's unfortunate that they don't need a reason to fire you on your first day. She could try doing something about slight sexual harassment maybe...being fired because you're married definately says something about their intentions towards you. I've been fired for an illegal reason, almost right at the end of the 3 month period, they also wrote on the termination slip that I had quit. I wasn't able to really do much about it in the end, and I really don't think she will either. She could still try though, if nothing else she can be a pain in his ass for a while.

if suing doesn't work, firebomb the establishment in the middle of the night

He just wanted something sexy to stare at all day.

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it's illegal to ask something like that.

Look at it this way, would you rather find a better job with a more professional boss or go to work only to be hit on by a creep every day?

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pffft if it was a good pay, I wouldn't mind being hit on on a daily basis

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ok, that was a huge fail on my part. haha! definitely not the comment I was replying to. oops! XD

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#22 thats called a pole dancer in my neighborhood.... and everyone saying suehim... thats great, but unless it was on camera, all hes gonna do is lie anyway so just move on sheesh.

Yess im first!! suck on that pol that aren't first your gay

you sir have failed badly, good day to you.

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not only do they fail...... the funny (or stupid) thing is, they already replied to the ACTUAL first comment. even bigger FAIL. ha!

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haha me too on 22s picture! isn't that always true? guy has nothing to do nobody to talk to so the go to their girlfriend or some girl that likes them and tries to kiss up to them lmao

whoaa do you get creepy texts from putting your phone number on this site?

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It is illegal to ask about one's marital status. Sue the shit outta the company!

just asking as a coworker is fine, but it's illegal to fire based on marital status

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Do you know the law in every state? Because different laws allow employers to fire without just cause. If she brought him to court he could justify that she looked at him funny earlier and that's why he fired her. It would be a challenge to win this case and you its probably not worth it.

He just wanted to give you a nice lump sum of cash. After all, its illegal to fire somebody based on marital status.