By Worthless Waste of Skin Who Hates Himself - Georgia - Tbilisi
Today, I finally got the courage to talk to this coworker I like and ask her out for a coffee next door. She was dismissive, cold and rude, and filed a complaint with HR. FML
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By  kikimajigger  |  12

As a female, I get why she reacted badly - I've been asked out and hit on by coworkers, and it's extremely awkward that I have to see them everyday after they've been rejected. She didn't have to be rude, so I'm sorry she didn't handle it gracefully, but it's a good rule of thumb to never ask out someone who, if they're not interested, are now going to be stuck in an uncomfortable situation no matter what they do. It's just going to suck for everyone involved.

  Nyattack  |  14

I agree with your first points, but NEVER asking a coworker out from fear of awkwardness, possibly missing out on a great relationship ?
I'd say try to first find out if the other person might be interested, but if you think there's a good chance they will be, give it a go !

  Mathalamus  |  24

it doesnt matter how great a relationship is. dating your coworker is frowned on in many jobs. as far as i know. if it isnt, it should be. not to mention that it could fail. she does have a point about never asking out a co-worker. it could end badly, and the rewards aren't worth it.

  brenton490  |  19

It really depends on how he asked her out. Asking someone out for coffee doesn't really stand for hitting on someone, but as a friendly gesture. But the way you act on it can change it.

  annalily5  |  28

I definitely think it depends on the situation. Have you guys been hitting it off really, really well for several months and it's very, very clear the other person is interested as well? Maybe give it a shot. But be very careful, and never ask a coworker out cold. It's not fair to anyone, and there is too high a potential for a really ugly ending that ends up with a lost job.

By  hehe1996  |  15

Unless you asked her out in a way that was creepy or otherwise unpleasant then what she said was uncalled for and it sounds like you're lucky she said no as you can do better.

  InfiniteSecret  |  20

I think that there is definitely more to this story then OP is telling

By  A1NoSauce  |  17

Honestly, OP, this is why work relationships usually aren't recommended. Now if there's any team project you have to work on or anything where you have to have a joint effort with your coworker it's going to be VERY awkward. Hopefully, should such an occasion ever arise, both of you can be professional and work it out.

  frankmz  |  17

Correct me if I'm wrong. What you are saying is that op found this girl to be attractive, and when op decided to talk to her and ask her out, her response and personality is not what op expected. Right. Her looks weren't everything, a better personality would be nice.