By everybodysfool - 24/12/2009 01:02 - United States

Today, after having an amazing intimate encounter with my boyfriend of 2 years, I put on an old pair of boxers I still have from when I was heavier. He thinks I am cheating on him and doesn't believe I used to be fat. Now he won't talk to me. FML
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don't you have pictures to show as proof?

I am a chick and I have boxers. So does my mom. So do some of my female friends. They're comfy to sleep in in the summer.


don't you have pictures to show as proof?

awwe im sorry :(

Xactly. a picture is worth more than 1000 what? trust!!

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I am a chick and I have boxers. So does my mom. So do some of my female friends. They're comfy to sleep in in the summer.

I'm a girl, and I too wear boxers. Nothing wrong with it. They're comfy and cheaper than girl's pajama shorts.

I'm a girl and almost EVERY girl I know, including myself, owns at least one pair of boxers. we just wear them as nice, comfy pjs :)

I agree... I'm a girl and I own a couple pairs of boxers... they make good PJ shorts :P

Don't get me started with double standards...

Yeah, I'm a girl and I've been wearing boxers for years. My friends used to make fun of me until they were sleeping over and realized they forgot pajamas. They had to borrow some lol.

A chick... it is a chick?

maybe it's a guy and his boyfriend thinks he's cheating on him. so? the fml doesn't work if it's a guy?

the gender sign next to the name shows it is infact a female

homophones- it is just as likely to be a guy....

nope cause than it could just be his boxers and there isn't reason to think of cheating

there is a female symbol next to the name... hence it is a she

Homophobes and homophones are two different things

Wtf? A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning. Unless you meant homophobes but that means fear of gay people... So I'm going to go with option 3, you're an idiot, because why would a guy think his boyfriend is cheating if he possess an item of male clothing?

Actually #10 is right, it's a new, obscure sense of the word "homophone" that only those who are "in the know" understand. This new definition of "homophone" is a homophobe who views FML on an iPhone where you can't tell the gender of the OP. One has no idea whether the OP is a straight woman or a gay guy, so they go with their deep-rooted fear and hatred of gays to make their comment. Now you are "in the know." Welcome to the club.

Actually, you can tell their gender. Just thought I'd mention that...

16 - you can see the gender, it's a small icon next to the name.... you just have to be "non-idiot" enough to know the difference between male and female

because if the boxers don't fit him right it will look like he is cheating and wearing another man's boxers from after having sex

The guy was mad that the op had a bigger pair of boxers which means that either is understanding that the op wears boxers (because it's a guy and duh) so he got mad when they were bigger or it's some chick who used to be so fat she fit only into boxers. the guy in the story doesn't seem at all mad that the op had boxers. more that they didn't fit.

shut up and get me a sammich.