By rie - 24/12/2009 00:29 - Ireland

Today, I found out my college friends are going to attack me after Christmas and attempt to tickle me to death. All because they know that I hate to be tickled. They are also going to make a Facebook group dedicated to the matter so people can join in if they wish. FML
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Imagine if your friends then decide not to show up... and then you end up being tickled by a bunch of total strangers lmao

that's hilarious. i hope the event is a success and you die.


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I'm pretty sure it's an ad lib. Today, I found out my ____ _____ are going to ________ me after ________ and attempt to _____ me to death. All because they know that I ______ to be _______. They are also going to make a ________ dedicated to the matter so ________ can join in if they wish. FML

It's Mad Lib. Ad lib is when you make up unimportant and often unheard lines in a play that aren't important. Re: tickling. That's vicious and cruel and evil. Call the cops.

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lol. thank you. i was wondering the difference.

Imagine if your friends then decide not to show up... and then you end up being tickled by a bunch of total strangers lmao

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Lmao according to murphy's law that is very likely

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This is so crazy stupid... people are suffering in the world...some are homeless or hungry or sick... but you... you poor will be tickled. Poor you.... F Your life.... Really????? Seriously???? I am not sure if you are naive, self centered, stupid or crazy.... but, this is just insane that you would even post this as a FML.... and I can't even believe that the moderators posted it.

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This is more fun to read than "Today, I found out I may die from so-and-so disease. FML." We wanna laugh, not feel bad. Besides, what if OP does die? Will that make it a better FML? Learn to laugh =)

Tickling can be very traumatic. Trust me I'm a therapist ;)

advertising this "potentially traumatic" facebook event on FML makes it lame as hell.

I do have to back you up on the lame part.

Do all....these periods.. make everything I say.... more dramatic???....

#15: LOL, actually they do because in my head it sounds like William Shatner.

Now men,.. we are about to go... on a very dangerous mission.... It is highly likely that one of you will die.... The crew that will go with me.. are Spock, McCoy ...and Ensign Ricky.

Oh, lighten up. This site is supposed to be funny and lighthearted. FMLs don't have to be horrible tragedies.

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If it is not a horrible tragedy then why is it an FML? If its something stupid that wont really hurt you, then its not a big deal and you're life will not be... F'ed..

Because FML isn't for people in third world countries to write 'Today, I haven't eaten in a week and I'm dying of dysentery. FML'. It's a FUNNY website. You want crushingly depressing tales of life, put the news on and stop whining.

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definitely have to agree with 50. well said!

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#4, This site is meant to be entertaining. It really doesn't matter if you dub it as a tragedy.

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who all agrees that was the most retarted fml?

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Clearly you haven't seen the one about having to wrap presents for a cat...

Nah...have to agree that this one is a lot more stupid and a waste of time. Whoever is approving these needs to get on their work & stop letting the dumbest ones get by!!

Alongside "I agree, your life sucks" and "you totally deserved it" there should be another button saying "who really cares?"

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This has to be the stupidest shit I have read!!!

Excuse me? That's CUTE. Really. My friends do silly stuff like that to me all the time. Better than friends who don't give a shit about ya.