By rie - Ireland
Today, I found out my college friends are going to attack me after Christmas and attempt to tickle me to death. All because they know that I hate to be tickled. They are also going to make a Facebook group dedicated to the matter so people can join in if they wish. FML
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  YayAmerica  |  0

I'm pretty sure it's an ad lib.

Today, I found out my ____ _____ are going to ________ me after ________ and attempt to _____ me to death. All because they know that I ______ to be _______. They are also going to make a ________ dedicated to the matter so ________ can join in if they wish. FML

  GrapefruitZoe  |  0

It's Mad Lib. Ad lib is when you make up unimportant and often unheard lines in a play that aren't important.

Re: tickling. That's vicious and cruel and evil. Call the cops.

By  acarolinagal  |  0

This is so crazy stupid... people are suffering in the world...some are homeless or hungry or sick... but you... you poor will be tickled. Poor you.... F Your life.... Really????? Seriously???? I am not sure if you are naive, self centered, stupid or crazy.... but, this is just insane that you would even post this as a FML.... and I can't even believe that the moderators posted it.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

This is more fun to read than "Today, I found out I may die from so-and-so disease. FML."
We wanna laugh, not feel bad.
Besides, what if OP does die? Will that make it a better FML?
Learn to laugh =)


Now men,.. we are about to go... on a very dangerous mission.... It is highly likely that one of you will die.... The crew that will go with me.. are Spock, McCoy ...and Ensign Ricky.

  showtimen0w  |  0

If it is not a horrible tragedy then why is it an FML? If its something stupid that wont really hurt you, then its not a big deal and you're life will not be... F'ed..

  BritishHobo  |  0

Because FML isn't for people in third world countries to write 'Today, I haven't eaten in a week and I'm dying of dysentery. FML'. It's a FUNNY website. You want crushingly depressing tales of life, put the news on and stop whining.


Nah...have to agree that this one is a lot more stupid and a waste of time. Whoever is approving these needs to get on their work & stop letting the dumbest ones get by!!