By bob - 07/02/2011 06:52 - Canada

Today, I found out that FedEx delivered my $700 package to the wrong person. The person who signed for it didn't even spell my name right. FML
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He misspelled Bob? How? Did he write it backwards?

So someone else got your John Holmes Commemorative ***** 8-pack? Before you ask, yes they are $700. Every1luvsboners told me.


This is a repeat, I've heard this before, with the exact same wording.

Then go tell one of the moderators instead of sitting here bitching about it.

That's ******. Well obviously FedEx knows where it went so I suggest you do something about it.

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You could say OP should 'deliver' the bad news to FedEx.

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Or OP could accidentally go to the UPS.

at least OP gets his packages *cough* USPS.

actually skittles, OP DOESN'T get his packages, that's what the entire FML is about, lol

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Plus getting the united states postal service to deliver to Canada is a real hassle.

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74 - quiet time for you. skittles was obviously joking hence the "*cough*".

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Not a huge deal, your life is not ******.

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wow that was fast, I didn't even get to read it^

Sadly, no one actually double checks the signing anymore. Just the other day I had a package come in with my name clearly on it, and the man allowed Folly to sign for it. It's nowhere near close to my name!! Sure, I trust my boys with my mail, but what if it had gone to someone else? So sorry, I'm ranting and rambling!~ Fuhohohoho!~

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here in new jersey they dont even try to get a signature, thet just drop the package at the door and leave

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Arrested Development was an awesome show.

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@41 Actually they do that everywhere if the package doesnt say "signature required" then they are allowed to leave it at the door or wherever they think is the safest though at least for UPS its common practices to know the neighborhood first if there is known crime in that area generally they wont leave it because the driver can get in trouble. they drop and go mainly because they are on a time and gas mileage clock so its pretty hectic

When I was hanging out with my friend a package came in for his mom, and he didn't want to sign in her name, so he signed it as "Batman".

FedEx SUCKS. I hope you had some kind of insurance. I usually go with U.S.P.S., not always better, but I know they have insurance. I called the FedEx hotline one time and the help person just hung up on me. I wasn't yelling or anything. They're pretty ridiculous. Good luck.

USPS delivered my $830 iPad to someone in a different state and just left it on the their porch, no signature. nothing.

If your name is Bob, FYL, not because of the wrong FedEx delivery, but because your parents failed to be original and put effort into giving you a name.

Honey, my family name is Ball and I was named Miror. Sometimes it's not a good thing to have creative-naming parents.

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his name could be Robert.. I mean bob was a name that wasn't made fun of a long time ago.

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You fail at being funny and just end up looking like an ass.