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By  Mirorbo  |  26

Sadly, no one actually double checks the signing anymore. Just the other day I had a package come in with my name clearly on it, and the man allowed Folly to sign for it. It's nowhere near close to my name!! Sure, I trust my boys with my mail, but what if it had gone to someone else?

So sorry, I'm ranting and rambling!~ Fuhohohoho!~

  maronofhearts  |  19

@41 Actually they do that everywhere if the package doesnt say "signature required" then they are allowed to leave it at the door or wherever they think is the safest though at least for UPS its common practices to know the neighborhood first if there is known crime in that area generally they wont leave it because the driver can get in trouble.
they drop and go mainly because they are on a time and gas mileage clock so its pretty hectic

By  Emrysa  |  1

FedEx SUCKS. I hope you had some kind of insurance.
I usually go with U.S.P.S., not always better, but I know they have insurance.
I called the FedEx hotline one time and the help person just hung up on me.
I wasn't yelling or anything. They're pretty ridiculous. Good luck.