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Today, I got a raise. A 10 cent raise. I have worked at my job for over 3 years. I now make 20 cents more an hour than people that have only worked there 3 minutes. FML
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I agree, at my job I work one day a week, for one hour and get $5. Think yourself lucky.

you're an ass. Being a woman has nothing to do with it, but when you work somewhere, you expect to have raises because of how long you have contribued to your employer (and because she wasn't fired, it means she does a good job).

#1 Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean you should get screwed over. If you can't find a job, try a job that gives a $.10 raise a year and shut up. I've been stuck in that situation, even worse when people you train, get bumped up before you.

I know the feeling. The reason is that you are a total doormat who doesn't have the guts to ask for real raises at appropriate intervals. My wife has been at the same place for 6 years and received two miniscule raises the whole time. She now makes 50 cents and hour more than the hobos who walk in off the street and do her job on other shifts. Since she is by far the most experienced person on the job, guess who all the hobos call when they have questions? Guess how much she makes when she is essentially training them on the phone? Zilch. Guess who pays for her cell phone minutes? Jolly, old Plexico. Read up on properly negotiating a raise. Your FML is contagious,

well, at least that's 10cents more than you were making last year. baby steps.

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And THAT'S why you go to college, 100 bucks says this girl works at McDonalds.

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I used to work at a large insurance company and after two years of tiny raises I was actually making less than the people who walked in off the street. The company would bump up their starting rate of pay but wouldn't apply the new rate to the existing employees. They had a very high turnover rate. It was actually a really good job but raises were non-negotiable so I had to leave.

Here at CVS, we only get 2 percent raises a year. Considering you start at $7 and you have to nag your boss to give you your raise (I was due this April for my third raise), it's almost not worth the hassle. I think after 3 years of working there, I'll be making about $7.48... And that's IF the boss gets around to giving me my raise. Oh, and what do you know? The new hires are making like $7.30 thanks to the new pay raise. Go figure, at this rate, after their first year, the newbies will probably be making more than me. yay.

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thats not so bad the place my brother has been working the same place for 3 years and some people that start there get paid more than him

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Going to college does not guarantee a good job. I go to University and my job is concession and catering which is worse than McDonald's. I'm trying to raise my child and pay bills with minimum wage for 2 years and no raise. If I negotiate, I might lose my job. Unfortunately my manager is an asshole and is always looking over my shoulder as if I don't know what I'm doing. New people get paid more than I do as well. Sure I'm lucky to have a job, but I still can hardly survive life with what I do.

Um. I am in EXACTLY the same situation as OP. Worked there 3 years this September and make 0.20$ an hour more than the complete idiot I just trained last month. I went to college and have a degree. So... Don't make assumptions. It's just rude.

In retrospect if you worked 40 hours a week that's an extra 400 bucks a year ;D

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.10 cent raise times 40 hours times 52 weeks is roughly $200

there's probably a reason for it y'know?

i didnt even know they gave people raises in cents...

I'm so sorry. The same thing just happened to my mom. She's mega, hella pissed. You both need to get new jobs. This is just the perfect incentive. Good luck, don't get caught looking for a new one, and screw the ******* while you work there.

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I agree. Your life sucks. And so does mine. I've worked the same job for over three years and still make minimum wage. FML And **** the recession too!

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I have been here too. I worked at a place for 4 years and never got a raise. Didn't even get a raise for minimum wage because it was a small business...

YDI for not pushing for a raise sometime in your three years. If you are good at your job and work hard your boss should give you a raise.

that does not happen at part-time jobs, and even rarely at hourly-paid jobs. Especially if it's a bigger store like a chain grocery store, chain restaurants, or big department stores.

Happened at the chain grocery store I worked at. I was the hardest working, most productive worker in my department, and every time I asked about a raise, I got my hours cut.

Notonly part-time but many full time hourly work too. I've been at too many places where pay negotiation = no job.