By Claire - 19/01/2013 13:51 - United States - Parkville

Today, after getting into an argument with my dad, he told me that I would make a great ex wife one day. FML
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At least he thinks you'll be great at something?

Tell him he will make a great estranged father.


At least you'll still have the day of your dreams OP

At least he thinks you'll be great at something?

I was told I am great at ruining peoples lives :).

If you're good at something, never do it for free

55 - I'm really good alone in my bed, but nobody pays me for that. :(

56-there's a bit of money in the business of pornography.

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Go for what?

Being an ex-wife.

More like her dad is wildly inappropriate....

Just say your obviously your mother's child. Yay for divorce and getting all the money!

Like 4 said, a lot of classless women view divorce like winning the alimony lottery, with a free, furnished house door prize.

@30 You probably have a better chance of winning a lottery jackpot than getting a plentiful alimony. It involves marrying a very rich but highly abusive or unfaithful douchebag, having kids with him, then divorcing him and suing for damages and child support along with alimony. Guys that rich aren't common, you know. It's probably easier to go to uni, get a good job, and then marry a guy of a similar income level who you actually love.

42, I'm not sure on the math, but lottery seems like a good analogy to me. Though I have watched Springer and Maury, and it seems that some people are merrily fighting over a single wide trailer, seven kids and half of a part time landscaper's salary.

Good grief have you people never heard of sarcasm.

Nothing like a fathers hopes and goals for his daughter.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's an ex-husband

Well at least you'll get married!

The ass bandit probably has a better chance than the pussycat... Unless she prefers batting left handed.

#44 I don't think marrying a cat is legal where I come from, but I know some great felines who would just LOVE you!

Aw ok. If that's really you then wow. Gorgeous!

Tell him he will make a great estranged father.

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Isn't the fact that it sucked the reason why it's on "FuckMyLife"..

I agree with nine. Her life is not fucked...yet (according to her dad at least)

Yes, yes she does.

Her dad is one dumb bitch :-D