By housedoctor - 22/02/2014 11:01 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, after getting back from my interior design class, I told my husband that I learned the golden rule for home decor: "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." He looked at me dead in the eyes, and didn't say a word. FML
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Maybe he just looked at you like that because he couldn't grasp the concept of what you were saying. Like he was confused and what you said made no sense.


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Am I the only one who thinks the husband took this as a personal insult? Like the OP was talking about HIM?

No, you’re not the only one. I expected OP to tell her husband something like “Now it’s time to divorce”. Maybe he was angry because he expected the same.

I think he was staring at her as in "you aren't useful or beautiful so get out" kinda thing, isn't that what this FML is about?

That may or may not be how OP perceived it, and it may or may not be a correct perception.

#1 maybe he took it as a threat to his belongings

I feel like he had not of a "You've gotta be kidding me" expression. Not trying to be bashing on women, but I know a lot of women remodel the house and frequently buy new things for the house (like my mom and my 2 aunts, houses are always remodeling), but I could be wrong, OP is OP, not my mom/aunts.

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Well you better do something. Don't want him to throw you out like an old toilet.

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Hmmm I've never actually seen anyone throw out their own toilet. it's sounds difficult and may take a lot of time and money like a divor oh I see!!

He's a man which means either A) he's taking the piss B) he wasn't listening to you

I'm pretty sure since he was looking OP in the eyes he wasn't taking a piss (unless he just enjoys taking pisses on floors), and I don't see how having a husband who doesn't listen to you would be much comfort.

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I think taking the piss is slang for messing around

Yep taking the piss means insulting or having a joke not literally urinating. Must be a British thing

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Wow, that wasn't the least bit sexist.

Though that is true for objects, it shouldn't apply to you. Hopefully he doesn't actually view you as such!

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I gave you about 15 upvotes, because each time I pressed the "downvote"-button, it decided to give you +1 instead of -1.

or maybe, JUST MAYBE, it should be common sense. Who the **** buys something for your home that aren't usefull or beautiful?

Why did this get thumbed down so much?

I agree with having a talk. It's possible he didn't understand what it meant but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he is an ass.

Maybe he just looked at you like that because he couldn't grasp the concept of what you were saying. Like he was confused and what you said made no sense.

I'll side with #8. As a guy, it went over my head and I had to read it again to fully get it.

14, I agree. I see it as he thought that was a stupid rule as no one buys something because they think it is ugly or useless.

He was so distracted by how beautiful you are he just couldn't focus :3

cryssycakesx3 22

if she worded just like that I bet he was confused

DavidKnows 11

More likely he thought you were talking about HIM!

TheDrifter 23

Or that she was planning on throwing out large quantities of his favorite possessions.

It's sad to me that there are so many married people that do things like this. Makes me fear getting married just in case I start to feel that same way...or my husband starts feeling that way D:

That's why you marry your best friend. 25 years of marriage and he's still the shining beautiful sun that I orbit...

HE'S SO FAT THAT HE CAUSES YOU TO ORBIT HIM?!?!? That would be fun during sexy times.

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maybe he was worried you'd throw him out