By Rachael - United States
Today, as a part of my job, I took a couple around to look at houses that are on sale. After driving them around and looking at tons of houses, the wife said, "Okay. I think we have enough decorating ideas." FML
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  sourgirl101  |  28

20, the OP sounds like a realtor and will ONLY get paid when she sells a home.

FYL OP because those people could have just watched a few episodes of HDTV for that.(:

  goshpeople  |  4

At least the OP found out the couple's ulterior motives instead of following up with them later, cultivating the contact some more, and wasting even more time and energy.

But, such are the risks and challenges involved in being a realtor. Perhaps now you know what to look out for. Still, I'd be pretty pissed about the waste of gas.

  goshpeople  |  4

Not sure what you mean. I don't concern myself with all that scaremongering. Pretty sure humans are doomed anyway, so I'll just live my life and try to enjoy it to the fullest.

What I meant was the waste of my hard-earned money on the gas to drive those people around all day. That's what would piss me off, if anything.

  dwreck69  |  0

I would've (personal opinion) killed them, hung them from the balcony, took glamour shots, framed them and sent them to their kids to hang up on their wall

  MrsPegg  |  45

Sounds like a shitty technique in my opinion. They have to see the house in order to decide if they want to buy it. Now, verifying that your clients are actually buying before you show a house is different, but refusing to show it unless they're already agreeing to buy it is ridiculous.