Childish but effective

By unhappy wifey - 28/09/2012 06:09 - United States - Portland

Today, my husband and I are still having a dumb fight over remodeling. He's decided to take an immature route and pretends to be asleep whenever I walk into a room so he doesn't have to talk about it. Earlier, he pretended to fall asleep at the dinner table. FML
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I'm curious if he went face first in food...

Throw a bucket of cold water on him to see if he "wakes" up.


That's healthy.

boxbrandon11 20

Don't cook for him next time

That's a face/desk situation

nikkkkkiii 7

Two can play that game. Pretend to fall asleep every time he wants to have some "fun". That'll get him talking real quick.

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I think he'll get in her pants regardless if she's sleeping or not

She doesn't really have to be awake for that.

I'm curious if he went face first in food...

Throw a bucket of cold water on him to see if he "wakes" up.

Well his little game is obviously working. She's on here instead of arguing with him. Just thought I'd throw that out there. So who's the "child/idiot/etc" now? :P

still him because he's a grown man acting like a child. I'd want to complain to someone/something as well!

37 - just because she's on here, doesn't mean she's not still arguing with him. Some people are capable of multitasking.

Or maybe she wanted to vent to us fmlers to get our point of view and show the comments all to her husband.

perdix 29

More food for you! When his little game results in a fat wife, he'll give up.

dougiewhale 6

Then the husband would have sex with the liposuction fat instead of OP.

give him a blumpkin and he will start treating you with more respect. Trust me, i know from experience ;)

81- that's so ******* gross

He needs to grow up and you need to remodel the house! If he dosent want to input his ideas ohhh well hes had lots of chances

Donat96 20

Narcolepsy is a serious condition.

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Just pretend to fall asleep during sexy times with him and see how he feels


Just start remodeling without him. He'll stop acting like a kid soon enough.

Give him a rude awakening. He might stop pretending to be asleep. Although it might result in him doing something else stupid...

RpiesSPIES 27

That's the best strategy to get out of things you don't want to do :)

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I just slept through your comment.