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  genius_man16  |  0

He's not a pig. She's the loser for fishing for compliments like that. Plus, just because he said that he didn't care about her looks doesn't mean he thinks she's ugly. And he married her, so what the hell is the problem?

God women can be dumb.


I agree with genius_man16 on that. I hate when girls do that (even though I'm a girl too, but I don't do that stupid shit). My friends do that. When you tell them what you think honestly and/or what they want to hear, they accuse you of lying. If you don't, they'll get pissed. What the hell?

  cutebebe778  |  0

That's what I wanna know too. Every woman has those days where she doesn't look her best. She probably has extremely high expectations of how she should look, and she's probably 'average' looking or pretty but not supermodel sexy. Maybe that's why he said that? Doesn't mean he was calling her ugly..i'm sure he was trying to piss her off. Women always misinterpret things guys say.

  KumoFF7  |  3

how the hell is he a pig? That doesn't mean shes ugly, and that means he loves her for her personality which is better than just being with her for her looks.
Women are fucking idiots.

  newbzoors  |  0

@27: I dont think so. He was trying to say that he didnt care about how she looks, but he loves her for who she really is. The way you said it made him sound like some idiot who spends 13 hours every day staring at naked women

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

That's what I was thinking too. Sometimes people (especially guys, I've noticed) say things that can be interpreted entirely wrong, just because of miswording and other such language mistakes.
OP, your life is not fucked. Not even remotely close. You're married to a guy who obviously likes you for you. He wasn't intending to call you "ugly" or anything, he was TRYING to tell you that he loves you. Fuck his life for having such a selfish little twat for a wife.

  pinkfrogsoup  |  0

It's like what women think of their weight thing.. if they ask you how much you think they weigh no matter what your is answer it will be crap.
1. you guess the right weight, and they will say something like "see I am fat!"
2. you guess a weight over what they are and they will be pissed at you because "you called them fat"
3. You guess a weight less and they will get upset and sad because they aren't that weight or they'll just think you're lying.

Ladies are crazy.

  DizzyDemon0  |  9

#30 has this hands down. Girls (and women) who fish for compliments are just asking to be told something to feel better. As a ruins it if she fishes for the man and tell her shes looking nice though.

Media puts a lot of stress on women and girls. It's hard to live up to the expectations of the beautiful women you seen thrown across the screen and all over. Women and girls should realize that they are each individually beautiful in their own ways, and the men around them love them for that.

  hilaryy_fml  |  0

Yeah, not all woman are like that, we dont all think were fat and ugly and fish for compliments.
I dont think im fat nor ugly. I like me just the way i am. I know im not supermodel beautiful, but who is seriously? They're mostly airbrushed and starved.

  AngryC4t  |  0

A pig? Are you kidding me? He gave her a complement, though his wording was a little off. Saying that he thinks she is beautiful no matter what would have been better, but that's probably what he was trying to say in the first place. She was probably trying to get a complement or something, which is a bad idea, because if you ask a guy something like that, you might get an honest answer that you wont like.

Loaded questions are to suck, please keep them to yourself.


I get tired of the way women complain about the way they look and I'm a woman myself! I'm pretty sure he was telling her to stop complaining. He already told her he loved her the way she was when he married her.


They totally do go both ways!

But I don't really find that sexist. A LOT of guys do find it difficult to phrase things in the way that women actually want them to. Often there is no right answer. See #44 for a hilarious example of this.

  Rambo1  |  0

That's what I thought! He's just saying he married her because he loves her, not because she's pretty. In 20 years, she probably won't look that great anyway.

By  CyclonePsycho  |  1

complaining --> instant YDI

Not saying you aren't allowed to complain, but you can't be surprised when someone makes comment that completely owns you.

That said, there is no FML here whatsoever. I'm normally not one of those people who shout "NOT AN FML!!111" but good grief, you've found someone who actually isn't superficial.

By  crazy_cat_lady  |  0

And you know what? He meant what he said. I'm a female and even I know that it gets on a guys nerves to hear you constantly putting yourself down. And besides, the more you complain about your looks, the more he tends to start noticing the little things you point out about yourself. Is that really what you want? Love yourself, like he loves you. And be confident for god's sake.