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Today, I came home to find that my girlfriend had repainted my bedroom. As she had offered to do it, it shouldn't have been a problem. However, she decided to return the several unopened cans of off-white paint that I'd bought for something "more neutral." Like "Sunset Orange." FML
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Sounds pretty and cheerful. As a real estate agent I see so many houses painted boring old white, inside and out. Boring!

At least you will always have sunshine! You'll probably feel much better about the colour on rainy days :D


At least you will always have sunshine! You'll probably feel much better about the colour on rainy days :D

So you'll be seeing orange half the time you're in your house. What's the problem? Maybe you and your girl should celebrate a bit..Orange IS the color for curiosity.

It would be a stroke of genius of you could just brush it off. It's so hard not to show your true colors. Don't be blue, you can always re-paint the room. Orange you glad we had this talk?

No, 33, I'm not. Even one of those sentences would have been bad enough, but you used Four.

He might've pulled it off if he wasn't so desperate as to threadjack so his comment would be seen.

You're all so right. It was not my best showing. I think I'd like to try out the old "my brother stole my phone" trick. Or "I was really tired". Ok it was an absolute fail.

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No, #57 that's when you try the "it was sarcasm" trick.

Damn! First a horrible comment, then I use the wrong fake excuse. I'm suspending myself from commenting for one week.

Now he can get a tan by just sitting in his room.

Sounds pretty and cheerful. As a real estate agent I see so many houses painted boring old white, inside and out. Boring!

True, but white is more neutral and easier to paint over. If I'd be buying a house, I would rather have it be white than sunset orange, because I would probably have to paint over it several times.

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It's actually really hard to sell a house that has crazy colors on the wall, because it makes it harder for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home. If too much of the previous owner is present (through photos, crazy furniture pieces, walls painted, etc) potential buyers have a very hard time imagining the house as their home.

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Agree. White is a very common colour. But if it's just one room in OPs house that's that bold of a colour like sunset orange, the house may look odd, too. Don't get me wrong, sunset orange is still a pretty colour.

I like orange, but it's a colour you can have too much of, especially if it's a room where you're supposed to relax/sleep. Colours do affect moods, and bright, vivid, sunset orange is not a calming colour, it's quite the opposite.

Sounds like someone have read the hunger games series and fallen head over heels for Peeta.

What? That contributed nothing to the conversation.

You guys obviously haven't read The Hunger Games trilogy. There's a quote from Mockingjay in which Peeta states that his favorite color is "orange, like sunset".

CharresBarkrey 15

92 - I've read the trilogy and I still didn't make that connection. It's a bit of a stretch

Those books weren't particularly well-written or memorable. I think the logos at the beginning of each chapter were well-drawn and Peeta likes bread. I'm serious, that's all I remember after reading all three books.

^ Yup, that's exactly why the hunger games is the best selling young adult trilogy worldwide. Because there is a character who enjoys bread, and because the logos before every chapter are quite lovely.

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Studies show that colours do alter your moods, so she's probably trying to create a cheery space for you :)

A room in my friend's house is painted bright orange. Instead of making people feel cheerful, it actually gives people a headache.

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This is one you suck up and yield to your woman. When it comes to cars and power tools, insist on having your way, but when it comes to home decor, you let her have her way. You do like having a girlfriend, right?

Ah.... No. I think Sunset Orange is a bit too bright and cheery. We're all supposed to be depressed and obese and chugging milkshakes and hamburgers while cheating on our significant others here.

What type of chauvinist comment is that? So women should be happy to deal with home deco and leave the technical stuff to men? Grow up, this is 2012, not the 60ies. Besides, OP is entitled to have the color he chose in his room, he can say so to his girlfriend without her throwing a tantrum.

Fleur- I believe it is very safe to say that perdix was joking....don't take it so seriously.

Took the words out of my mouth, 51. I know perdix is probably being a bit sarcastic, but still. We could live without these gender norms and expectations.

TheDrifter 23

Can't we keep this one? I'm lousy at home deco, but great with a wrench.

You guys. Are you new? Do you know what a joke is? Everyone who just took that seriously got trolled. Perdix is probably looking at your comments dying of laughter because you took him seriously. First rule of FML- NEVER take Perdix seriously.

I'd love to think we can eliminate gender norms, but its not going to happen. Society dictates it regularly, and people follow. It always has and it always will. There may be some women who work on cars, and some men who love home decor, but in reality, people follow societal expectations.

I know perdix is rarely serious, but even as a joke it came off bad to me at least. It's jokes like these that perpetuate gender expectations, even if they don't mean to. I'd like to think that a world without gender roles is possible, maybe not in our lifetime, but we can at least try to work on it.

perdix 29

#74, I'd like to see that, too, but the only way that is going to happen is to point out the gender stereotypes and lampoon them. Making them taboo subjects of conversation, even of humorous ones, will just serve to perpetuate them.

I don't see why so many women get upset about gender roles. I love being a woman and cooking, doing crafts, home decor and other 'girly' things. Don't get me wrong, I also like to shoot guns, drive fast cars, and ride my street bike, but when it comes down to it I would much rather have a man running this country or fixing my car for me. Women just think differently then men and when it comes to running a country, they tend to make decisions based on their emotions rather then what needs to be done.

mowmowlife 21

Because sometimes there are more things to life than cooking, cleaning, and 'girly' things. Being ascribed certain interests is also ascribing a certain amount of values, which I personally infer as serving, subordination, frivolity and superficiality, which are distasteful to me particularly if those are the only qualities being ascribed and I would rather be as far away from those values as possible. Also, I'm aware that you may as well be a perfectly wonderful person, but your profile pic doesn't help too much. Also, I work with my head, not just my emotions

What's wrong with my profile picture? At least it's a person. Maybe I should go find one like your's?

Woman are also more than people who 'serve'. Woman are nurturing and take care of children, husbands, and homes. I don't see why you would have a problem being labeled that. It's a good thing! Besides, that's not the only thing they are labeled as. Just as many, if not more roles and qualities as men!

Strongly disagree. He said its his girl friend. Since when do they get so much say so? Some dudes have issues with establishing appropriate boundaries.

perdix 29

Perfect comment considering your nickname! By the way, I'm glad you didn't say, "Banana."

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LOL!!! This should be top comment

11- this is fml. Not ifunny. The comments go by time not likes.

perdix 29

Sunset Orange? Sounds like the color of Tang, which, coincidentally, is something you won't be getting if you keep bitching about the ******* paint.

So you like his comment? I heard they added a new button for that!

Looks like someone beat me to it, and I have no idea how to delete comments. This app is a real paint in the ass to navigate.