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Today, I confided to my dad that since the recent breakup with my boyfriend of 3 months, I feel down all the time and life doesn't feel worth living anymore. His loving advice was for me to "grow the fuck up and get your sentimental head out of la-la land." FML
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the man is NOT a dick, he is in fact a genius. That man knows where it's at


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the man is NOT a dick, he is in fact a genius. That man knows where it's at

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Ok your dads a dick for that! It doesn't matter she ha feelings for her ex and he broke her heart can happen to anyone y'all must of never felt it!

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not a dick..he's being a dad..1. its 3 months. 2. its 3 months. and 3. you need to listen to your dad and grow the **** up

it was three months, shes gets too attached, she was probably clingy.

Well we now know that 1 and 28 are clingy bitches, and thus not dateable.:)

mintcar 9

Whether the dad was giving good advice or not, he could've been a lot nicer to the daughter. I think that's what number 1 meant by being a dick. He was a little insensitive.

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Anai08 17

Was OP's Dad being a bit insensitive? Yeah. Do I blame him? No. It's worrying to me that OP feels "life isn't really worth living" because she's not in a relationship anymore. Especially after 3 months-you kind of need to toughen up there. All it says about you is that your not secure enough in your own skin, and not mature enough to be in a relationship OP.

3 months? You're going to have breakups in your life and if you feel that 'life isn't worth living' after such a short relationship, I dread to think how you'd feel of the relationship had been a few years..

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ImThePope 2

LOL 98, its funny because it's true.

This is what's wrong with western culture, people go emo and everything after a breakup. I agree with your dad OP.

Yeah, three months, Op, you don't have to be all distraught over a three month relationship that came to an end. But still, your father could have worded that a little... Uh, more nicely... like a supportive father...

littlemissFYL 5

my gosh OP, grow the **** up and get your sentimental head out of lala-land bitch.

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Omg !' OP ur dad is right even tho he was ride bout it . And people say easily "get over it", but they forget that it's easy 2 say hard 2 do.

your dad is awesome, you got so served and three months is barely worth crying over.. maybe three years..

ImThePope 2

Tstanbury, I feel like you said that because of what I said. But then again, that's just me wanting to feel important...

Yes the OP is naive, doesn't mean she's a bitch though.

Kn0wledge123 21

Get over it OP. I dated a girl for 4 years and planned to marry her. Did you really think you'd marry dude after 3 months?? **** outta here.

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your dad has balls... i like balls.

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It bothers me that her 'life is over' because her boyfriend broke up with her and she is being whiny, but isn't your dad supposed to atleast show you support and hey he could've lied a little for her. She also could've of been really close to this guy 3 months is a longer time then it seems. But then again she could be a drama queen so.

omg three months thats ages you poor thing you should put on sum sexy shoes and just go out nd find a new guy!!!!! dont worry bout him (: (: MEN ARE ALL ASSHOLES THEY DESERVE TOO ROT (except my bf chad hehehehehehe)

it's true, life isn't perfect. you have to realize that bad things will occur, so suck it up because most likely things like that will happen again. getting sentimental isn't going to help

274--would you like to say that to Jesus' face?

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OPs dad isnt a dick, thats the truth and she should take his advice. dont be depressed over bullshit

well if it was her first boyfriend then I guess 3 months is a big deal. in that particular scenario, the dad is a huge dick. otherwise he is just telling it how it is.

I agree with 55! oh & I hope your screen name is for The Cure cause if it is AMAZING! sorry, had to say that I love The Cure & Robert Smith is brilliant!

mintcar 9

313, of course it is. Words cannot describe how much I love Robert Smith.

OMG, 309, you STILL havnt given Mulan her make up back!?

elite_stoner 0

same, why make a big deal about 3 months

I would say the same thing to you OP.

I'd get it if it was 3years, but 3 months? grow up!!

People are such attention seeking emos these days. If I was her dad, I'd have kicked her into touch too. Learn from what he said.

dragon0000 7

hahaha I like her dad he has his shit straight

omg why did so many people thumb me down wtf **** you

Why is everyone replying to this one comment?

3 Goddamned months?! Are you stupid? I mean WTF is wrong with you OP?!

minktheshrink 0

397- Probably because you're giving OP a hard time about 3months when you make it perfectly clear that you've been with your "bf Chad" for 5 months and talking about "together forever" or whatever. Learn to apply you life to others' situations.

wooptheresheis 1

I just love when girls say all men r assholes....because that is so false

itsgen 16

wtf no he's not! this girl has been with her bf for 3 months wow big deal, omg the world is gonna end living isnt worth it :o yeah right OP you grow the **** up and stop bitching maybe that's why your ex isn't with you anymore

haha, finally a father who says it how it is...

lalalalatgb 0

Anyone else get the feelibg OPs in 6th grade?

My brother would have done the EXACT same thing (and has done so before). If she was looking for sympathy, she should've gone to her mother. Sometimes, people just need a wake up call.

nollid7 5

No shit Sherlock, but yea get over it, you're not five anymore OP.

rttr 18

397 because your comment is stupid. I'll list a few things. "all men are stupid". What about ghandi, or MLK jr.? That's like me saying all women are *****, (in your case thats true). 2nd you ate stupid. The way you write, your profile picture, etc. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better paragraph then you. You are so ******* stupid, please shut up.

rttr 18

397's boyfriend is 'chad'. xD

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you should have gave him a ******** and a Asian mudslide

Jaimegirl 7

Why? That doesn't make any sense haha

ha, yeah op tell your dad to grow the fuc up. I totally see the logic, NOT.

tsim_fml 0

2-are you kidding? OP is a bitchy little girl, and the dad is the shit. you expect OP to say that back?

Would you REALLY say that to your Dad? Would you stand there, in front of him, and tell him to grow the **** up? I sure as hell wouldn't...

How about OP not say that to her dad snd save the trouble of getting a big smack on the ass.

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TinyDude 10

Lols. the dad shows some tough love.

JacksonCampbell 9

If what you mean by that is "Lols. The dad is not coddling her because he wants her to wake up to the reality that no one cares about how clingy she is" then yes, you are correct.

Katy326 10

haha these are the girls that get pregnant at 13 because they put too much value in a 3 month long relationship. then after about 6 months they have sex because they're "in love" and they get preggo. why would life not be "worth living" after 3 months??

^I can't take that comment seriously with a picture like that

RawrGoesTheDino4 0

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A7X_LoVeee 10

No but it seems you were.

all I want to know about this is why you capitalized the u in ur... its "your" btw...

I know my iPhone makes 'ur' get spelt with a capital U as part of it's autocorrect feature. that is one the rare occasion I actually use shortened text talk rather than proper spelling.

RawrGoesTheDino4 0

This guy is 33 and us trying to meet woman on a website usually for people in the 16-25 age group. Wow.

Poodles I mean "is". Anyway that's creepy.

mintcar 9

Hahaha 63, nice. "ur" autocorrects to " it" on my iPhone.

"Ur" gets capitalized because it's a proper noun.

RawrGoesTheDino4 0

Gary I'm a 13 year old kid DA -.-

ramboman19 8

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AwesomessMaximus 4

That's bogus, but come OP, it was only 3 months, you shouldn't get attached so easily.

....unless of course, you are as ugly as a mud fence, have no hope, no prospects, are desperate, and dateless....

AwesomessMaximus 4

Yeah, I guess you're right, even then, it is unwise.

HahaYDI 0

OP and her boyfriend could have been really good friends before they started dating, so it could have been a lot more devastating. It's hard to take a stand like that when you don't know the whole story.

flighted 1

^yeah, HahaYDI has a point. I was best friends with a guy for 4 years, despite my knowing of him having a history of cheating on his girlfriends I took the risk thinking it'd be different and unofficially dated him for about a month. by the time he got the courage up to ask me to go out with him and I said yes, was the day he cheated. I could say I was extremely devastated for the longest while so this person has a point

68/104: You're right-- we don't know the details. However, this is a perfect example of why it's important to retain your self-identity when you're in a relationship. I can totally understand being devastated after a breakup, but thinking you've lost your reason to live is a huge red flag. Even after you get married or otherwise make a long-term commitment to someone, letting your self-worth become dependent on that person is a bad idea, and can even destroy a healthy relationship.

generally, dad's aren't very good with the sentimental stuff..

Brandnewuser 0

Did you break up with him because he brought you a melted cake?

enonymous 8

He probably brought her a half melted cake for their anniversary. I would have fallen hard for these charms too.

lol at brandnewuser it makes sense since that other fml guy baked his 3month girlfriend a cake!!