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Today, I was chatting with my girlfriend on MSN. I screen-copied my desktop to show her the conversation I was having with my best friend. Minutes later she replied asking why I had a porn site opened on the other tab. Oops. FML
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ah this bring me back to the days of 9th grade and round there. msn use to be the bee's knees


Nothing to be ashamed of, this more of a woops! then a FML

agreed 13. ur just watching some ****.

Agreed... b/c they were chatting I figure they weren't at the same place and at least that is a lot better than him cheating on you... Still awkward but it's honestly not a big deal... 2% will admit it, the other 97% will lie about it and that 1% well every 3 weeks or so they wake up to a surprise... The only problem I can see is if he's turning to that even if your around...

I love how dgross istalking to the OP's girlfriend and not to the OP lol

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oops! looks like someone forgot to boost!

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"well if you were here honey, I wouldn't need that"

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"oops! look like someone forgot to boost!" AAAHHHAHAHAHHAHA

well op your nickname suits you well.

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@46, I agree with everything you said. Now listen ladies, our men look at ****. So what? You could be the most beautiful woman in the world with crazy skill in bed, and he will STILL look. I hate it when girls get all upset because their boyfriends look at ****, or have dirty magazines, like it's a bad thing. He is still with you, he is not cheating on you. Get over it. It's ****. ._.

agree with 13... it's a good opportunity to ask her to watch it with u sometime too. def not a fml

I agree with Monika and dgross.... it's ****, so what? even I watch ****!

Everyone knows the "internet is for ****" that

Well that may apply 2 dating but when ur married it's different. He said I do so I now own his ass. I say no ****, there better not b any.

she probaly has lesbian **** on hers

Stfu dgross everysingle post I see of yours are long ass essays what r u a philosopher?

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@79 No, he just says what comes to his mind, and he is smart so he has a lot to say. This makes his comments worth reading. :) Unlike yours. :)

ur lucky ur pretty lol and nooo there not worth reason cu there always sum overthought statement

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I have to disagree. I am tired of all the dumb, predictable comments. His are refreshing and thoughtful, sometimes even funny. But oh well, not everyone is going to like everyone else, right? :P

At least it wasn't gay or some bizarre fetish...was it?

Agreed with the **** supporters. **** is just something we use to get rid of a boner in the most pleasant way possible, it's not like we're making love to the actors which is what separates it from having sex with you (making love). Besides, do you think we wank off to blank images and thoughts in our head? I didn't think so.

My husband watches ****, but it is VERY seldom. One of the greatest things we have done in bed he derived the idea from a porno he watched. Now, if your man watches it all the time, and pays more attention to it than you, you're doing something wrong. Lol.

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it's very true men and women watch it and it's not cheating! why the hell people get so worked up about it is beyond me

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so what if he watches it even if u are marriedd???

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what was the site you know just for refrence haha1 st

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wow those mods work fast. apparently they don't like ppl that know how to beat the system :p as I was saying, to #10, if you restart the app after you leave a comment, it doesn't give you that anti flood crap.

ydi for not having a gf that can't satisfy you haha.

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that must have been embarrassing...

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Tell her because you miss her?