By Appelflap - 29/03/2013 22:18 - Belgium - Sint-niklaas

Today, I was feeling down following a recent breakup. My dad tried to comfort me by patting me on the back and saying everyone goes through ups and downs, "Like when I found out your mum and I were having a boy." I'm their only son. FML
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Maybe he was referring to that as an "up" moment?


blcksocks 19

Pretty good chance he was trying to cheer OP up by making a joke.

It was a JOKE, and OP wasn't ready to laugh yet. If his parents were that cruel they wouldn't be trying to make him feel better in the first place. Laughter can be the best medicine.

I'm pretty sure it was a joke to cheer him up, OP just took it too seriously.

1, I can see OP's dad was probably cracking a joke but OP didn't was too depressed. My parents used to tell me, and still sometimes do, that I should feel special because I was their only planned child. I have 2 older and 1 younger sisters. I never wanted to hear that and still don't.

Or, perhaps.. OP's dad is really just unintelligent, and only knew how to cheer his kid up the way he knew.. And couldn't think of something more enlightening.. And doesn't realize the effect it has on his poor son. (Sounds like a lot of inconsiderate parents I know, ever realize how many ******* stupid people you talk to, in just a day?!) I feel Op would be smart enough, in this day and age, to tell the difference between a good humoured father, and what dismissive is.

What is that suppose to mean #43? who're you assuming is influencing me, and where are you getting your information that I'm not above the influence? Or are you just being positive with what I said...? It's very misleading, your choice of words. Because you sound like you're high, #56!

No. You're second, and that's why no-one will remember you. -_-

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really? Of course it sucks why else would it be on "**** My Life!"

Not really he was just trying to make him feel better !

And did it work? The intention didn't make things suck, the interpretation did.

zombieslayer83 19

He was really really serious though!

I would say to get some ice for that burn, but I think it'd be more fun to leave ice cubes in your dad's bed for him to find.

I get the saying, but whoever make it was an idiot. Putting ice on a burn just sticks to it and is a bitch to rip off.

Maybe op should take a closer look at the pictures im the picture frames.. Op might just find out about a lost brother in an insane asylum..

Pfft. You think you're the only child.

Maybe he was referring to that as an "up" moment?

hryffff 11

You should have said you felt the same way when you were old enough to realize you'd be stuck with having such a shitty excuse of a father and enjoy the reaction.

His father was joking. Plus, what you are saying is incredibly disrespectful to say to a parent, especially one who is trying to comfort you.

I'm sure he's just fooling. But I have heard of a lot of a parents (especially dads) that cross their fingers and hope for boys vs girl (because of what troubles they fear).