By Anonymous - 15/08/2013 19:04 - New Zealand - Dunedin

Today, I had an awful day and angrily threw a glass at the wall. Needless to say, I didn't feel like cleaning it up, and I took a nap, intending to do it later. I thought I would remember the bits of glass everywhere when I woke up. I didn't, but my feet soon did. FML
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You might need to look into anger management if you throw things bc you had a bad day..


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Y'know, i kinda sympathize with OP, cause we all have those really bad days. Thats why it makes it more imperative that you clean up your mess, or not make it in the first place, cause you just made your day even worse by stepping on the glass.

You might need to look into anger management if you throw things bc you had a bad day..

Damian95 16

Yeah we all have bad days. Its just important to keep your chin up. Letting things get to you means you are beat. Staying happy and strong means you are winning the fight.

DFresh503 8

Sometimes you gotta break a cup. But sometimes when you break a cup, you gotta remember the clean up.

AnOriginalName 19

And then forget that he punched it and try to sleep on a flat pillow? I'll take glass shards in the feet before a flat pillow any day.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

OP needs to learn to get a handle on his shit. We all have bad days once in a while, but we don't throw items at the wall. Acting like a ******* child isn't going to rewind time and make the day go away. It's best to look forward to see where you're going, instead of looking back at where you were.

euphoricness 28

Damn that sucks though, Karma helps inanimate objects more than me :(

JocelynKaulitz 28

Stomp the pain and anger away now!

Co1121 11

Future note; don't buy glass houseware items.

YDI OP. People who break things out of anger disgust me. Grow up.

She broke a glass, she didn't kill someone. People who overly use the word disgust make me want to break things.

He broke a glass. Indeed, he didn't kill anyone but perhaps it was because there was no one around at the time. In my experience, people who break things do not limit their anger to just inanimate objects. If someone else is around and things escalate, I've witnessed destructive behavior turn into violence. OP should learn to control his anger and put all that energy into something less destructive like running, biking, kickboxing, etc....

I'd rather not have someone with this kind of lack of self control learn martial art skills....

41, then you obviously don't get what the martial arts are about..

SamanthaNGoree 10

I don't care how mad you are, why in the world would you just leave broken glass laying around. Glad there was no one else around to injure themselves. YDI.

Throwing things angrily; the ultimate act of immaturity.

punkyboy 11

ya they should punch things like a man