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Today, I've been forced to start packing to go on a vacation with my parents, because they say I've been studying too hard and need a break. I've hardly studied at all and was planning on making up for it all in the time I had left before finals. I'm screwed. FML
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Why not just tell the truth?

You have really cool, yet somehow simultaneously overbearing parents


I guess you guys got off on the wrong foot

Oops, I meant to post this on another post.

We get it though. Thumbs up for effort

I think your profile picture justifies any mistake among the better of us :D

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Well, hopefully your vacation winds up like the movie Vacation...

For people viewing FML on random later search "jacking him off with my feet" to get it :)

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so study while on vacation

Why not just tell the truth?

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Seriously! The truth, while at the time may be hard to admit, is ALWAYS best. As your parents they more than likely would understand and agree that you, actually, studying is more important. This situation is 100% your fault. Communication and honesty are the best solution!

Assuming of course OP's parents are reasonable.

You have really cool, yet somehow simultaneously overbearing parents

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just say there's a research project due at the end of the vacation and you won't be able to do it if you leave

Sounds like an amateur procrastinator problem to me

Maybe they did it on purpose?

When was the last time you went on vacation for procrastinating?

That's why you shouldn't wait until the last minute to do your classwork.

This is not something as basic as classwork, it's a final. Procrastinating homework is all fine and dandy (not really, but we all do it), but procrastinating something with as much of a magnitude on your future such as a damn final is downright stupid.

That's the idea behind my comment.. And if it's a final, that's even more reason not to procrastinate.

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You kinda deserve it if you haven't been studying.