By J.D. - 01/12/2013 12:43 - Australia - Exeter

Today, I found on Facebook that my best friend of 10 years is getting married next week. I'm guessing my invite got lost in the mail. FML
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jonnied23 20

Probably, we all know how unreliable the postal system can be.

andits 21

That sucks. Maybe time for a new best friend?


Maybe next time OP :)

When they get divorced she will come crawling back to you. DONT FORGET THIS MOMENT ! you should try to invest in a new friend in the meantime!

ashalayx 13

this made me laugh from the tone i read it in haha

jonnied23 20

Probably, we all know how unreliable the postal system can be.

But then OP would have known the friend was getting married before invite time.

the OP not knowing about the wedding has absolutely nothing to do with the postal system. you don't know how women can be.

bfsd42 20

35, learn to understand humor please.

andits 21

That sucks. Maybe time for a new best friend?

But JD and Turk are best friends. OP can't end it with Turk.

jarockstar27 10

Were they even "friends" in the first place? Even one of my friends from high school who i haven't seen in years invited me to her wedding and i knew before the invites were sent out! Sorry OP....that is not a friend you have there

whiteboy896 9

This is why women cant have best friends for more than 5 years.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

66- Considering OP said "one of my best friends," not, "one of my 'friends.'" I'm guessing they were really good friends.

Ask him about it. You don't know the full story, although if it were my best friend, I'd make sure he was a first to know.

How'd you know it's a guy?

Theres no way this is a guy. Guys know who there friends are, its women that are difficult.

It really doesn't matter much, does it? Would it change if it were a guy best friend or a girl best friend who did this to you?

Guys are more up front about stuff. This sounds like something some bitch would do.

Never mail things. Lesson learned.

You still don't get it. It's ok. Read it a few more times and think hard. Really really hard.

Here's a hint: There was no invite.

Wow. Not a very good best friend. Sorry OP.

martin8337 35

Some friend, not inviting you to the wedding. Maybe you should crash the wedding.

Atleast there is still time. If you were actually invited: stop sulking, go find yourself something to wear, and have a great time! Better to find out a week earlier than later. :)

ask her/him about it! maybe it was a mistake

How could it be a mistake? They didn't even know the friend was getting married until they saw it on Facebook.

evan_7899 28

That's when you learn who your true friends are