By doctorsandnurses - 13/01/2012 10:47 - United Kingdom

Today, after a hard day on the wards as a trainee doctor, I went home and started getting frisky with my girlfriend. All I could think about was the anatomical names for what I was touching and doing. I felt physically sick. FML
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drawmesunshine 17

"I want to lick your labia minora." That's not so bad, OP.

There's no need for you to use your hypoglossal nerve in lingually palpating her clitoris. If she digitally stimulates your frenulum of prepuce, you're going to get into trouble. Just ignore her nipple-areola complex and concentrate on your textbook, junior.


I'm sorry that really ruined it I bet.. But at least you hot frisky!

Doesn't matter, had sex.


10- I believe the appropriate term is coitus, unless of course all they did was cunnilingus or fellatio.

YDI, Mr Doctor, you should've learned a different profession ;)

Yes, just because he's naming parts of the body during intercourse, means he should've studied a different profession.. Seems legit

Ok, seriously... from now on I WILL end my comments with /sarcasm. People actually seriously responding to a comment from which the sarcasm drips off in thick syrupy drops... That's worth writing my own FML about... /off writing an FML

I see no inherent sarcasm. It looks exactly like half of the brainless bull I see in the comments.

#25 please stop trying to be funny, it's not working and your only embarrassing yourself

btownjhawk 10

There's nothing wrong with being gay... it's aight! :)

Who said anything about being gay?

You will get use to it (: give it time and try and not think about it (: get in the moment because there will be worse things later on in your profession!

I'm getting do damn sick when people use works like frisky to reference to sex and the aforementioned foreplay. Either have the balls to call it sex or you shouldn't be having it.

drawmesunshine 17

"I want to lick your labia minora." That's not so bad, OP.

tylersign 11

"Nice looking vulva baby."

ShroomsOnAcid 16

"Your skilled performance of sexual intercourse is about to induce the expulsion of semen from the meatus of my phallus!"

Doesn't matter, had coitus.

exactly lol. most girls LOVE cunnilingus

krnpanda 2

Still counts!

CrisisH3ro 0

I know how you feel op, its happened to me too.

Oh i highly doubt that...

Mister_Triangle 21

That's why you're not supposed to masturbate over high school biology text books

So2011 4

Try to think about something else next time instead of your career.

The 2 seconds it took me to read this idiotic comment, I want them back.

TheDrifter 23

I actually enjoy running through correct names for where and what I'm about to do, keeps the mind occupied. You're going to have worse ED moments soon anyhow, some things you just can't unsee.

What has been seen can not be unseen

You get turn off by her gluteus maximus squeezing your penis? Damnnn

brianfantana32 10

This is one of the funniest FML's I've read in a while

octinate 17

Your profile icon needs updating

96- That's the point of the meme...