By ERnightmare - 02/08/2018 21:00 - United States - Long Beach

Today, I was lucky to have an extremely attractive doctor operating on me. This would have been great had he not been removing a foreign object from my vagina after an ill-fated masturbation session. FML
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And after he pulled out the Magic 8-Ball, it said, “Things look hazy.”

I mean, you could have at least told us what it was.


A USB cable? It’s ok, it happens apparently.

And after he pulled out the Magic 8-Ball, it said, “Things look hazy.”

What's wrong with you people for god's sake. If you're old enough to masturbate then you should be smart enough to not shove random stuff up there..

"old enough to masturbate" is any age when you know what you're doing. Anyone could make this mistake if they're desperate enough.

I mean, you could have at least told us what it was.

Fruits and vegetables is NOT for masturbation girls!

Actually they are the best things to use...

Wrong - the skin on vegetables and fruits can be dangerous to the vaginal wall, especially if they are uneven or coarse. You could potential scratch or cut yourself, then bacteria and air could get into your bloodstream and you could die from an infection or an air embolism. It’s better to stick with items that are MADE for that purpose, and take care of your things/replace them over time.

Not disagreeing with either side but as a person who gets cut by random metal objects daily, I have never heard of air getting into the blood stream and killing a person from a simple cut. As for a Bacterial infection, while possible, you're immune system would have to be pretty much useless. Which is possible because doctors feed antibiotics for everything.

Ma'am, thats not how you make pickles.

So he knows that you're horny and kinky. How is this not good advertising?

I dont know why many ppl use complex shaped objects to pleasure themselves which later get stuck. I mean come on, couldnt you use lamps or hair dryers or flower vases and other stuff like that?? All simple shapes...smh

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Sure, they're a whore because they masturbate, makes perfect sense.

You should have said Ta Daa it's magic 🤣🤣🤣