By RickTheBoy - 10/07/2013 12:38 - Canada - Toronto

Today, after a haircut, I walked to the cash register, handed the hairdresser a $20 bill and said, "Keep the change." He looked at me with a blank expression and replied, "The haircut costs 25 dollars." FML
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At least you tried to be nice. Good for you

"... Fine then, don't keep the change"


At least you tried to be nice. Good for you

I owe you 5 dollars, you owe me 5 dollars, same thing. Stop being so cheap

When I read this it sounded like they tried to act like a cocky rich person

pinguino3669_fml 23

It's like that saying--"sometimes it's the thought that counts." :)

Should've gone somewhere cheaper and you could've gotten away with it.

Change? what change?

erockinthesuburb 17

Obama's change.

I'd rather not keep that change, 53.

It's the thought that counts.

Clearly op doesn't though.

Why is this downvoted? This is comedy gold

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I'd say either because the 'wpw' and 'now a days' or because $25 really isn't that expensive. Or both.

AurumPotestasEst 16

A haircut at Supercuts only costs $14

Michael_92 20

Hate to say it but 20 is pretty cheap. Depending on how I'm feeling I usually spend the 20 on the cut and if they style it good I will tip them 10-20. Every time I go back they do a excellent job.

SparklyCuntt 12

74 is correct on that. At Chatters and most places where I live, it's around 45$ to 50$ for a hair cut depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Dang 80, where do you live?! Where I live, color/highlights and the like are usually $80-150 and cuts are usually $25-45, all before tip. And that's not even the super fancy stuff! :(

When you say "topless stylists" do you mean that the female employees aren't wearing anything on top?! SWEET!

I've been to a salon where it was $80 for a hair cut. $25 isn't bad

Yes they are expensive. Which is why I bought a buzzer for 20 dollars and bam, haircuts for free!

my moms salon has cuts for males from $6-$8 and females $10-$15. dying, highlights, and perms are $25-$50 only straight perms cost around $100. $25 is pretty steep

I honestly think it depends on where you live and the cost of living in each state as to how much haircuts should cost. I work in a high end salon and charge $35 for a mens haircut and $45 for women's. And other people I work with charge even more. But you definitely get what you pay for. We do an excellent job. I don't get paid hourly. I get paid commission on what I do. I don't know how anyone could live off of only being paid minimum wage or lower. Hairstylists usually don't get benefits, or paid holidays, or holidays off. And normally have to work weekends. I think we deserve to be paid well to stand on our feet all day and work weekends. And I love my job. I don't think hairstylists get nearly enough credit for the work we do. But I guess everyone is different. I go above and beyond to make my clients happy, so that is why I'm able to charge that much and people are happy to pay it.

I didn't say it was the cheapest ever. My local is cheaper than that. However, as people have said, a lot of other places charge a lot more so, in the grander scheme of things, $25 is not expensive. With cuts ranging from $5 to probably $100 you simply can't sat that $25 is expensive just because it's not completely at the bottom. That's not how numbers work.

A haircut at Supercuts: $14. The misery of living with the f'ed up haircut: Priceless.

123, I just got a haircut at Walmart (first time there) they did an awesome job and it was $11.50 :p and I've had people who forcefully move your head and charge almost 20 bucks. But Walmart lady was nice, good small talk and did a good job :p

AurumPotestasEst 16

They do a good job with my hair...

But they do a really shitty job,73, the last time I got a haircut there I had a huge chunk of my hair that was at least an inch longer than the rest of my hair

I go to grondin's & if I'm just getting a trim it's around $15. If I want it cut & styled, it's around $18-$20

olpally 32

Well, shit. Sucks you have to pay an extra $5 but still tip them anyways :) they sound nice.

Dude, for $25… that is the tip!

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Here's a tip: try not to go to places that charge $25 for haircuts ;)

Those "pricey" places typically cut very well. There's a reason the military charges $8 a haircut...

CharresBarkrey 15

Well now I feel duped. I pay roughly $60 for mine, with tip.

olpally 32

Yeah, you guys are right... I have to pay $28 for my haircut... Ridiculous. Lol. Never mind op, don't tip!

I used to pay about $25 for my haircut maybe 15 years ago. I can't imagine prices going DOWN in that time.... I don't know of any places that charge so little that $20 would cover the cut and the tip.

You can find a cosmetology school near you that does hair. The appointment will take longer than a paid professional, but it's much, much cheaper than a salon.

@59 Cosmetology schools, depending on where you go, $20 will cover both the hair cut charge and the tip. The school I go to, it only costs $9.10 for a regular hair cut.

Panchovilla64 6

Over here they cost 10 to 15 max do yall live in Los Angeles or what?

@96 I live by LA and its 20 plus tip

I live in Idaho where everything is cheaper usually. The schools? Ya get what ya pay for....I've seen painfully awful cuts come out of there...I'd rather risk my own lack of shear skill, lol

I live in Idaho as well (but in a teeny tiny town), and haircuts are still expensive. It's better for me to go out and buy hair cutting scissors and thinning shears and just cut it myself. Although I know that isn't for everybody, it sure works for me.

As a hair stylist, I do think $25 is too much for a cut. They should have told you how much it was, but always tip your stylist :)

are you a female? because that's what we pay SMH.

"... Fine then, don't keep the change"

TheDrifter 23

I'll bet he had his hopes way up, thinking you were giving him a $15 tip until he realized there was only one bill in your hand.

1) He was the cashier, so he wouldnt really get a $15 tip. 2) It could have been $30, not $40

All the places I go to get my hair cut do not have people who just serve as cashiers. All the hairdressers can use the cash themselves.

itssnotfunny 24

30 - 25 is 5, not 15.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

Double check next time OP! Smooth move though!

Not the sharpest scissors in the salon, are you?

imagineapc 11

Since when has a hair cut NOT cost at least $25?

in fl u can get a cut edge and facial trim for 10 dolars

It depends if you're a guy or a girl. Girl haircuts usually cost more than guys.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Mine only cost $15 and my hair is down to my butt!

Cost also depends on if it is a "cut and style" or just a trim.

I pay $16 for mine. (And actually DO get to give a 20 and say 'keep the change.')

If you go to great clips they only charge 14$ , but they always try to talk you into buying all kinds of hair products.

My sister pays around $5 for a haircut, and gets a great haircut too.

If you happen to live near a cosmetology school its generally cheaper than $20.

I go to Great Clips and use a coupon from the back of a grocery store receipt for $7.99.

I've never seen a guys haircut cost more than $20.

Mine is $25, pretty average for a female. My dad? $8.