By Anonymous - 10/07/2016 14:23

Today, a customer asked if we stocked gluten-free water. Then she got pissed when I laughed at what I thought was her joke. FML
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It's next to the gluten free bottled air, duh.

Tell her you don't stock it but she could try checking in the toilets in the restroom


Some people are just idiots. But think of it this way: you can laugh at her because of how dumb she is, and you got this story published, so others can laugh at her, too!

This gluten-free obsession is becoming ridiculous. Next we're going to have idiots asking for gluten-free oxygen.

tantanpanda 26

It really is. People think gluten free is good for you, but I'm sure over half the people who ask for it don't even know what gluten ******* is. This is on par or worse than asking for diet water.

It can actually be unhealthy to eat gluten-free products if you don't have a gluten intolerance.

If someone is diagnosed with a gluten intolerance I'm sure they know the products that contain gluten :)

Actually, it could be a service if people start demanding gluten-free oxygen. Think it's called Natural Selection.

It isn't hard to find out honestly. And I have no clue why anyone would willingly go on a Gluten Free diet. I unfortunately have a fatal intolerance, and a small piece of me dies every time my brothers bite into a pop tart. It's like veganism, I don't know how those guys do it.

PMprotege 9

Sell it to China, they're already buying bottles of air.

People go on gluten free diets because they hear people say it's good for you, then they don't even know what gluten is. Meanwhile, there are people like me who can't eat gluten but have been able to in the past, making it even worse when you see people eating that favorite food of yours that you can eat anymore. No idea why anyone would willingly give that up, especially when gluten free really isn't what is healthy, it is the fact that people eat healthier meals because they can't eat all the delicious, greasy, unhealthy foods they want to. Like seriously, just make better food decisions and you don't have to *always* miss out on that delicious, greasy, amazing, cheese covered pizza.

sylvienoir 18

I have a friend who has celiac's and she told me she was glad that there's these weird people around so food companies have to cater and she ends up with more gluten free options

I've even seen gluten free bubble bath.

Considering most gluten free products have a shit ton of sugar to replace the gluten, yeah if you don't have a gluten intolerance and you want to go gluten free. That's like a fat kid saying they are trying to lose weight eating ice cream and cake.

Yeah, this gluten free thing is getting crazy. When I was young, the perfect diet was water, sunlight, and fertilizer.

I'm 32 and in the same boat. I only have in the last year-ish have started to have to avoid gluten. And it sucks. So much.

And most people who don't eat gluten don't even know what it is.

Tell her you don't stock it but she could try checking in the toilets in the restroom

Welp...she used her already low amount of brain cells on that? Wow.

It's next to the gluten free bottled air, duh.

LostInTheZone11 29

I reminded of the scene from Spaceballs where the president is huffing the can of air.

This reminded me of The Lorax movie

Google "NotAlwaysRight" You will quickly realize that the customer is rarely, if ever, right.

Oh please, customers are usually never right, they're just arrogant, entitled and demanding, so they end up getting their way anyway.

In my experience, the customer is nearly always a dick...

tantanpanda 26

That's one business model, but there's also an opposite one called "fire the customer". If they're being a shit head, you don't cater to them. Probably not best for a restaurant, but it does for other businesses.

Tantanpanda- the model actually works wonderfully in restaurants. It helps foster a supportive work environment which makes for happier employees who are more likely to stick around. Happy employees who have been around a while leads to pretty decent service and a smooth running operation which in turn leads to (non-asshole) customers being pleased and more likely to return.

Sarcasm, these people don't get it. I've got your back #6.

Nyattack 14

There are three kinds of people who go for gluten-free stuff : People who are allergic/intolerant to gluten, people who want to reduce their consumption for health reasons, and complete cretins who do it just for the fad, and have no idea what gluten even is. If you're going to opt for a certain lifestyle, do your research peeps !

Some people are so unintelligent. Gluten free water ? She needs to educate herself. I don't blame you for laughing. I would have too.

OMG what is wrong with you people? Gluten-free water is almost as important as lactose-free water, or calorie-free water!

Absolutely! I usually just stick with normal diet water myself, but my friend is gluten free and it's very important to her to stay well hydrated.

I would love to know where to get lactose-free water! I've been looking for it for a long time now. I'm lactose intolerant you see, but I just love the shit out of my water, so lactose-free water would save my life! :P

That's a hell of a business model. Just brand some bottled tap water with "gluten free" and make bank.