By YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK THE CUSTOMER - 20/07/2013 17:47 - United States - Sherwood

Today, at work, a woman came up to the snack bar and ordered a pretzel with no salt. When I served her the food, she angrily complained about it having no salt, followed by her throwing the whole thing in my face. FML
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aliyourpally 12

She got what she asked for, but you didn't OP.

Throw some salt at her


aliyourpally 12

She got what she asked for, but you didn't OP.

\ 28

I think this is because of some unidentified neurotoxic pollutant in the atmosphere causing people to do stupid shit like this

I would think your on to something... But unfortunately I can't blame humanities stupidity on neurotoxins or disease or anything of the sort, sum uf us jus ain't smrt enuff

\ 28

I wonder if you could file for simple assault here...

Why are you always first?

\ 28

because I'm just that awesome

salazara 10

Are you sure you heard her order correctly'

people just like to do that shit all the time. they will be in the wrong but strongly believe in the "customer is always right" bullshit.

Whoever came up with "the customer is always right", must have never worked a day in retail. Thank God we don't have that in Ireland.



Funkymunky1511 4

Yeah! But wherever service food, there are plenty of complaint.

RedPillSucks 31

WTF is wrong with people today?

@3, The wrong people are breeding. That's what's wrong with people today.

However, I should also point out that people unqualified to be parents have always existed. The wrong people breeding is what has always been wrong with the world.

websphere69 27

Some people just have no clue!

Throw some salt at her

"HERE'S YOUR FUCKIN SALT BITCH" *chucks salt shaker at said bitch*

23Z9TZO 18

And get fired.. Great advice, champ

Just shove her. Don't tolerate shit from people. You can't be reprimanded for defending yourself.

@54 I wish that was true!!

@58 Ahhh America, the land where a redneck wannabecop can racially profile a kid and follow him down then shoot him when the kid tries to fend him off, but a woman can't fight back after having food and china plate thrown at her face. If I were you guys I would escape to Canada. Good thing I'm Aussie though :D

Since she is slug-like in personality, throwing salt will work out nicely... if you know what I mean ;)

And that's what you call an asshole. It was either intentional or she's just delusional.

Grab a handful of salt and stuff it down her shirt

that's what we call assault

football98_fml 20

free pretzel for you!!!

hopsinlove17 26

I suppose she was.... Salty.

Byere 4

No, just a bit twisted...

ClumsyKee 14

She probably just wanted an excuse to complain about something. She's a douchebox for throwing it at you though.