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Today, my two year-old has learned new things from his best friend. His best friend is our dog. He's learned to eat dog food, lick people, and now he's started taking off his diaper to lift his leg and pee. FML
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On the bright side, you now have hilarious stories to tell his future romantic partner when he brings them to meet you.

How does this have upvotes? All kids mimic animals. It has nothing to do with parenting. My kid barked at the doorbell at that age. I run a daycare and deal with a lot of kids. I currently have a two year old in my care, and just yesterday he was laying on the ground next to my dog, mimicking my dog. The dog would roll over, the kid would roll over. It's what kids do. The peeing thing is weird, that I'll admit, but the rest is normal two year old activity and shouldn't be used to judge parenting.


On the bright side, you now have hilarious stories to tell his future romantic partner when he brings them to meet you.

Get him a cat now, so he can learn from the cat.

Why? If he copies the dog, at least you can train him to do stuff. If he copies the cat he'll expect to do whatever he wants all the time.

Explaining to the doctors why your child has a hairball in his intestines would be fun.

When you take your dog and kid out :p sing who let the dogs out

My toddler learned to use potty from a cat, he watched the cat dig a hole in the garden, etc. Boy did the same. Then we told him that the plastic potty is a good and comfortable equivalent to the hole in the flower bed.

What the hell does a two year old need a diaper for?

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Because many two year olds aren't ready to potty train.

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Despite a desire to use the potty, my son wasn't potty trained until he was 3. This is very common among boys.

@ 8. You can't "wait until they're ready." You as the parent have to direct your child and make sure they learn the things they need to know. Average age for potty training in 1950's was 11 months. Now it's 30 months (2.5). They're ready, it's just more difficult for the parent. We as parents need to stop blaming it on our kids "not being ready" and realize that it's our will to succeed.

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If you were talking about a 4 year old I would totally get what you're saying. This is a 2 year.

Once they piss themselves you'll take back this statement

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#11, I am a mother of three kids and grandma of two. I'm am quite aware of how to potty train a child. I have been successful in this endeavor with all my kids, including the special needs one.

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For goodness sake, get that child into a playgroup so he can get some human friends!

Just teach him how to hunt with his bare hands and release him into the wild. Maybe he will get movies made about him like Tarzan and George of the Jungle.

You're making some big assumptions. And you know what they say about assuming.

Just make sure both he got his shots. What! Too ruff??!?

Dog- gone- it..... How cute.. Good luck Op