By hihaay - 30/09/2011 18:15 - United States

Today, while on the bus, I found out the seat I'd taken was the preferred spot of a very hostile and extremely overweight freshman. Instead of letting me find different place to sit, she half sat on me, and completely ignored my attempts to dislodge myself all the way to school. FML
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18- at first i thought you were describing how to finger someone....

Did you have a boner?


Did you have a boner?

Bubba don't like you

Did you have an orgasm.

Well they would have to have a boner to orgasm, hence my question

Replying to number one so this is near the top so op can find it if so inclined. Next time straighten your hand out and drive it fingers first inward and downward just above hip bone. There's an excellent nerve cluster there. That's for next time. For this time report the assault to the police, and gather any potential witnesses you can. Don't be afraid to report things like this, assholes deserve any criminal charges their actions warrant.

did you stroke?

UH 18... What?

18- at first i thought you were describing how to finger someone....

Yeah that's what it seemed like at first

#18: I think you're confusing battery with assault, though then again maybe not. Either way, your suggestion that the OP commit actual battery against someone causing them some discomfort is slightly-to-moderately retarded. Don't be a twat, son.

Am I the only one confused here?!


No Kay, obviously 18 was explaining how to sexually violate the beached whale. Gosh...

Well just punch the fat fucker in the face

Kay stop acting like a condescending brat, and learn how to spell. People make mistakes, and he has been chastised enough. You twat.

What does this have to do with me asking if they had a boner?

75- Kay can literally ruin your life. Be careful youngin'...

78- Filthy, scumbag threadjackers.

fighterboy11: You must still be pissed off and/or butthurt about me trolling you over the PMs you sent regarding that fourteen year old threadjacking girl you had such a fixation on. Before I talked her into deleting her account, that is. MelissaBritt, wasn't it? So sorry that it had the side-effect of her getting away from your creeper ass. You really should pick your battles a little more wisely, and brush up on your own English skills if you think I made any spelling errors in my comment. WOO, INTERNET FIGHTS, WOO.

Be assertive! Not IN-sertive....!

LOL. I thought MelissaBritt deleted her account because I called her out numerous times for threadjacking.

Kidd, I don't know, but my point is that I'm not going to be lectured by this guy on the basis of his username, his general stupidity, the fact he creeps on fourteen year old girls, and the fact that he's all butthurt and has a little vendetta against me for spoiling whatever sick ideas he had about said barely-pubescent thread-jacker.

wha....where did you get that from?

Yes, Kay, I see your point. You ripped him a new butthole.

I can't find my nerve cluster.../:

75 be careful who you mouth off to, you must have bigger balls than a elephant if you dare talk to Kay like that, she's bigger than Jesus.

Yeah, you are right. Because since some 30 year old loser can "wreck" my life. LOL what is he going to come to my house? Yeah so after he mans up and admits my previous comment was grammatical and spelling-wise correct and he can't even make a good argument. Bro ur a ten yo brat. Btw how was my grammar and spelling in this comment? O and anyone who likes kay pliz feel free to thumb me down ACTUALLY DO thumb me down! Man do I love grammar :p

Bigger than Oprah?

109 even bigger.

75 don't feed the troll

18- There are a number of way more effective pressure points on the human body. Off the top of my head, I can think of six. 1. Behind the ear 2. Under the jaw 3. Inside the elbow, on top of the humerus 4. Between the collarbones (push down on top of the breast plate with one finger) 5. The muscle between the thumb and forefinger 6. Underside of the knee, between ligaments

18: its not assault, and charging that is discrimination against overweight people. attacking nerve clusters is assault.

Nonsense. You sit on someone, you deserve to get hurt. In fact, the latter part of this is a YDI for the simple reason that OP didn't just shove the rude idiot off onto the floor.

I am literally crying from laughing that me asking about boners has come to this

Dude, I hear ya. I REALLY wanted to know the answer to your question, but it seems that it just wasn't meant to be. Oh cruel world, what have we come to?! XD

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Throw himself onto her lap......... :3

You sound like the bitch here.

That's bullying.

Right because parking your fat ass on top of someone because you've decided that's your seat isn't bullying at all.

That's cold man.

Cry more. Fat people don't have souls. :)

That's cruel. Yeah, she was a bitch about 'her' seat and she shouldn't have sat on him but that doesn't mean she should be submitted to bullying. And you said fat people have no souls? The fact that you said that makes me think there are two options: Option A) You're overweight yourself and you take out your frustrations and low self-esteem on other people with weight-issues or... Option B) You're a brat who's been skinny your entire life and probably bullied fat people so you didn't have to feel like the useless scumbag you really are. Am I right? Or are you just stupid?

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Because the actions you suggested aren't wimpy?

ya we all know that poking with a pen is wimpy. i suggest something larger like a log next time.

I think ur misunderstanding. He wasn't bein a wuss, he was bien suffocated

That's your solution? Poke someone with a pen and yell rape? That's no way to be assertive....wimp.

Flockz, you bastard! Where have you been?

127 in your closet.

134-So that's why I keep finding droppings and empty pringles cans in there.

That sounds extremely uncomfortable >.>

I agree it must suck haha

Just give the bitch a waffle. Bitches LOVE waffles

No, we love cookies. (From another FML)

Why can't 4 sit on me.

I don't know, 172. But I think that you can answer your own question.

Trust me it is i had that happen to mr

Aww, don't be mean to the fat kids. They're people too! Except they are 2 people instead of 1 -_-

I like how you thumb me down, but thumbed yourself up, like you are liked. -two can play at that game!-

Congrats you're the only person that liked your comments...

ya fat people are people too. they go to the gym just like you and me... and i stand next to them to make myself look like a 10.

Wouldn't that mean you have to twice as nice to fatties?

Time to slap a bitch

Hell yeah. Don't let a freshman do that to you.

Tell her to take her fatass to mcdonalds for a double cheeseburger!

5 fat people was offended by your comment :D

77- Must you put a pic of YOUR boner?

Ahahahaaaaa :)

Why a double cheseburger? Are you talking about IN-N-OUT? It's BIG MACS and ANGUS BURGERS. Wait forget the angus, just give her the big macs.

123- McDonald's has double cheeseburgers..........

hey 77- your clothes seem to have fallen off.

You must've felt like a pancake! Maybe that's why she didn't move...

Wave a sandwich in front of her face and then throw it across the bus for her to fetch.

Not fetch. That implies that she comes back.