By idkgiraffes - 28/12/2014 03:57 - United States - Everett

Today, my mom finally got a Netflix account after months of me begging. When I asked her what the login was, she refused to give it to me. She said, "Netflix will know it's not me and then they'll cancel our account." FML
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idkgiraffes tells us more.

OP here, she eventually caved and gave it to me but she said "if House of Cards randomly stops, I know who to blame."

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Netflix is love, Netflix is life

iTzSelverZz 14

The Netflix police are watching!


Netflix is love, Netflix is life

If Netflix is love and life, does that make Hulu settling for the pudgy girl from high school that used to have a crush on you and a soulless middle management position?

People still find this funny?

Netflix has different users for any given account. You can show her, its meant for a household not necessarily or at least not only an individual user. For instance my Netflix has a profile for me, one for my husband and one for my kids, all under one account. It even keeps track of each users shows under their profile, keeping my crime shows off my kids playlists.

What the.... Either unbelievably stupid or a brilliant way to limit access.

Haha Im sorry but she's adorable ^^,

Pure stupidity is not adorable

why does this have so many votes down

Not knowing how technology works, especially for an older person, isn't pure stupidity.

^ Pure ignorance?

I'm sick and tired of the excuse that you're old so therefore you don't have to figure out how something works. It's tired and as far as I'm concerned if you don't know how to use Netflix and you shouldn't fucking have it in the first place..

At least she's teaching you that honesty is the best policy.

Not really. Can't you have multiple accounts on one Netflix account so a family can watch it and not screw each other's show watching up?

maddy20159 6

Yes. That's what my family has. We have our own names and it doesn't interfere with anyone else's watching

we have one account, but only 3 people can be watching something at the same time before it limits the number of users

There's nothing dishonest about it. Netflix allows multiple users based on the plan you select. All she's doing is showing Burt lack of intelligence.

Just to expand, I'm aware of how Netflix works and I was meaning to be funny. I guess that didn't work.

I think people fail to realize Netflix's policy. There is no "family" account. They have a "household" account. This means that if you are not related and don't live under the same roof as the primary account holder, you are technically committing wire fraud. Whether Netflix would actually sue you is another story. They have been known to cancel accounts of people who have given their passwords to friends.

iTzSelverZz 14

The Netflix police are watching!

I can't tell that she was being serious or not. Either way, fyl. How about streaming online?

you would have to pay for a new account, she needs the user and password, to be able to get on.

I fail to see how this has anything to do with my comment :/

Jellysweetheart 23

They were saying stream through other free sites. Not get a new Netflix account.

*and now.... go outside and play!

Because playing outside is really fucking fun...

nick, don't be a noob. it sounds like you should play outside more

It was fun until home phones and the internet no longer shared the same line. :P

But outside is where the people are.

Shes just asking to get hacked

I gave my netflix account to like 5 of my friends, if that were the case Netflix would have been deleted long ago. just often I find, movies will literally just disappear. my favorite movie was there last week and its not now, yeah that's a first world problem...

Parents and technology often don't mix well