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But he giggled about it...that's where this is wrong on so many levels.
If he had the runs, okay then, but crapping in bed? Ugh!

I'm sorry you're engaged to that, OP, get out while you can!


Okay, I could understand trying to "laugh it off" and maybe force out a chuckle as you are getting a fresh pair of underwear/pants after an initial "Goddammit"

But seriously, a giggle and a "maybe" along with OP not saying anything about him making an attempt to change his soiled clothes, that is just disgusting and immature.

  Gstone  |  4

62 wht you didnt think bout is that OPs fiance farted extremely loud, and sometimes when a guy farts that loud you say i think i shit my pants when its not true, its just a way of saying; i do it from time to time when im in my room and my mom asks wtf happened, i answer either i think i shit myself or i think i ripped my pants. its just to make it funny. so OP dont break off the engagement cuz of something like tht.


If he didn't actually crap his pants, that's a completely different story, I agree.
I am speaking in terms of if he did actually crap his pants and that was how he reacted to it, she needs to get out of that.

  bls5301  |  2

When someone has a crazy awesome fart it is commonly referred to as shitting yourself even though you dont actually defecate feces into your britches. He obviously was just proud of his fart. I would be to.

  mandy307  |  0

That's right it is going to come up some time. Sickness and Health right? And I say forgive him now because when you get pregnant if it doesn't happen in the third trimester or even during birth it will happen while your recovering from it. Besides who is to say the guy is not just F*cking around by giggling. She never said weather he actually did it or not. I personally know men are crude and think these things are funny. ( and don't worry guys I don't mean all of you! just 90%)


a) There's a limit to how much you can type in an FML submission. OP can't, and shouldn't, give every single detail.
b) The wording of the submission is often changed when it gets posted. If there are unnecessary details, these are taken out. If there's bad grammar, it's fixed.
So maybe he went to change his clothes, maybe he didn't. Either way, #62/15/etc, you're making an awfully big fuss. If she loves him, one time accidentally shitting himself and laughing it off isn't going to call off the relationship. And if you think that's grounds for ending it, then I'm going to assume that you've either never been in a serious relationship or should not be in one.

By  perdix  |  29

Maybe "maybe" should be your answer when thinking about going through with the wedding.

Do you really want to start using a Diaper Genie way before you have kids?

  DocBastard  |  38

A magical genie that flies through the night sky delivering diapers to both infants and the elderly.

Or you could do a 2 second google search.

Or I could be less of an asshole and tell you. But...I won't.