By emma209 - 24/01/2012 18:07 - Canada

Today, it's -20°C outside. Half way through my thirty minutes walk to work, my boss pulled up beside me in her car, said "You look cold. I'll see you at work." And then drove away. FML
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BarDownDaily 12

Props for even walking there. It was -40 in Calgary last week. I sympathize.

That bitch! People are such dicks nowadays.


BarDownDaily 12

Props for even walking there. It was -40 in Calgary last week. I sympathize.

TheDrifter 23

Yeah, 2c to -40 in under 24 hours. That sucked.

If I stepped outside I'd turn into an ice block :(

hockeydominatorc 0

Well it was -42 out the other day and I walked to school and back everyday by the time I got home I had snot sickles so it's not that bad

BarDownDaily 12

63- Yeah man, it was brutal. But I mean we can't complain, it has not been to bad this winter.

I'm going to jump on the band wagon and complain about my weather too. Today 41 Tomorow 41 Friday 39 Saturday 42 Sunday 41 Monday 41 Tuesday 40 I probs still prefer the heat over freezing weather anyway (:

Yeah forreal props to you op i wouldnt have walked. Thats a dedicated employee freezin for their job. Id have called in "sick".

Dude it was -47 degrees Celcius where i live (Fort Mcmurray, Alberta). I feel your pain.

deliciouscake 3

today, it was brutally cold outside. being the dedicated boss I am, I went to work anyway. I drove past some new kid from work. I was about to offer him a ride when I went into cardiac arrest and smashed my gas pedal, driving forward into an accident. FML.

You should take a shit in her backseat. That would show her.

Yea I feel your pain I work in deadhorse Alaska and its been -74 with windchill gotta love winter. Did I mention little to no sun as well

Yeah, it was only 2 Kelvins here in Quebec with the windchill. 'twas kind of cold...

115- Gotta love Aussie's crazy high temperatures :/

dsbs 9

Holy crap it's in the 70s over here. You guys' balls must be the size of m&ms.

It's -1 right now. Burr! but it's been waaaay colder.

BarDownDaily 12

176- 70s F idiot. Not Celsius, your brain must be the size of an M&M.

farnsworth 3

Yeah Calgary hasn't been bad this year, but this last couple of weeks have been colder than december :/

Haha, everybody from Alberta coming out on this FML.

Matty1188 6

Yeah move to Canada, and then you can complain.

Yakutsk, Russia. Coldest inhabited town / city on earth. January average is -46. And frequently gets to -60 C. They are currently having a Heatwave at -22. And Marinus, yea thats pretty hot. Even for Perth. Brisbane ha a Heatwave 2 week ago. Hit 40 for 3 days. Now we are having yet ANOTHER flood. Had 670mm of rain over ye last week

160: No. You absolutely did not have temperatures of -271 degrees Celsius. At that temperature, the air would condense.

dsbs 9

193, 70s F is still hot for winter

It's in the 70s here, gotta love Hawaii.

I'm living in one of the few places in Canada that has warm temperatures in the winter. Yup, Vancouver.

That bitch! People are such dicks nowadays.

I think it's time to act out of a scene from horrible bosses!

Jessj958 19

People seriously have no manners nowadays and care about nobody but themselves! Her boss must have done her good deed for the day.

pinkcrayola 0

78 - "my boss pulled up beside me in *her* car".

78- Here's a copy of Elmo's ABC's. Learn how to read. *laughs like Elmo*

YDI for walking. Should have checked the weather.

chels1994 11

Perhaps OP had no choice but to walk? (:

DaKillaMafia 2

I'm pretty sure OP checked the weather when she opened her door to walk to work...

Idk about You, but I don't choose to walk to work if I have options.

How does she deserve it for walking, she had to get to work and the only way to do it was to walk! if u havn't noticed it really isn't that easy to get a job nowadays so maybe op does what it takes so she can keep her's!

You guys...if I knew it takes thirty minutes to walk to work, I would have found a better way to commute. Is it so hard to ask a friend for a ride instead of risking your life to hypothermia?

You don't deserve to be treated like that because you chose to walk to work. Even if it were just a little chillier than forecasted you'd expect a normal person to offer a ride. Hell, you'd expect it on a completely fine and calm day if they were prepared to pull over and make a comment.

You don't know the circumstances that OP is in. What if no buses go through that area, or no friend had time to take OP to work. People don't always have it easy. We've gotta do what we can with what we have.

ForeverScarlett 3

YtheDI for assuming someone enjoys walking in freezing weather for the hell of it!

Dude they probably did. In the FML it said it was -20..

cradle6 13

I'm guessing he's not a big fan of you. Not sure why.

The boss is actually a female. If this was 300 years ago we could burn her at the stake for being a penisless employer :)

GoW_Chick 14

Burn the witch, burn the witch!

You should run him over the next day then say " it looks like you're dying, see you at work!"

I mean her, I'm ready for all the thumb downs :/

KingDingALing 9

Or she should pee on the windshield of her boss' car. After that, she could have fun knowing that her boss has to clean frozen piss off her windshield.

#16 why thank you! May the odds be ever in your favor! ;)

Sorry to hear OP, your boss is a dick!

chels1994 11
xShannonxSammyx 7

Some people are just assigned.

xShannonxSammyx 7

Assholes*** What the hell, autocorrect.