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By  unmadebed  |  0

It's okay to have money problems.My sister moved back in with my parents after traveling the world and going to college because she is now $100,000 in debt and needs to start paying it off. It happens.


I do and don't agree with you. In most cases, keeping cable when you're strapped is a bad idea, yet there are exceptions.

I've got physical problems, so I can't work outside the home. When we were broke, we still paid for cable Internet because I used it for freelance design jobs I did from home, and my DH used it to find extra gig work. Adding cable to the package wasn't very expensive, and watching movies, documentaries, etc. was cheaper than other hobbies when I was stuck in bed. It was also kind of job-related, since we were in the filmmaking industry at the time. We sacrificed a lot of other things to keep it, though, and ate plenty of pasta and Ramen. Overspending was never really our problem; unavoidable medical expenses were. :-/


Freeze: Judging by this thread, I guess you're right. I should've clarified that I meant the occasional pic comment is OK; there were only a few made here before my post. However, because it does get out of hand so easily— ex. the ones after my comment here— it's probably better to have a "no pic comments" policy in general.