By Marfo101 - 16/01/2015 15:41 - Ghana - Accra

Today, a pretty girl joined the line at the bus station. I let her skip the line and go before me so I could sit next to her. After she bought her ticket, I realized there were no more seats left on that bus. I was told to get off, and had to take the next bus, sitting next to a snoring old man. FML
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Just because she's pretty does not mean you should let her cut in line.

Plot twist: the next time you see a pretty girl again, she lets you go on first and the only seat open is next to the same snoring old man.


That's why you offer your lap to the girl as a seat. Everybody wins.

No it's not. I do it all the time. I put my copies of the restraining orders they put against me on my refrigerator.

SystemofaBlink41 27

"And this one... Heh heh! This one was a kicker..." *looks fondly at the papers*

I read yours, 27, in Moe Syzlacks' voice for some reason. It was awesome.

JadeWinter 16

That will teach you to be nice to someone because of their looks, in the hope that you get some form of reward. I feel like you're the type to complain about the friend zone. I could be wrong though.

What's the big deal? So he wanted to sit next to a pretty girl. Big whoop.

kayteakay 26

He wasn't being nice to her, he was plotting to get to know her.

#2: He had no obligation to let her take his place in line. He ultimately did her a favor. Are you seriously criticizing the fact that the favor was made based on his arbitrary whim and that it wasn't selfless enough? An indiscriminate rule on queue placement is impossible. You can't claim "everyone should let everyone in front of them", because there would be no people to stand in the front. A guy found someone attractive, let the girl pass him, all in hopes of merely basking in her presence for a short while on public transport. It is ludicrous to blame the poor shy guy for anything here.

He was clearly trying to open up an opportunity to talk to her. You think he's trying to get laid on a public bus?

Psycho_Babydoll 26

You'd be amazed what some men have said to me on public transport. Not saying that OP is necessarily one of these men but some guys see it as an extended period of time with someone who can't walk away so they have no choice but to talk back. Sure, we don't know what OP's intentions were... whether he just wanted to sit near her or try to chat her up, we don't know. But in my own experience men on buses have always done the latter and it's just flat-out creepy.

Why is it that every time a guy does something nice for a girl or compliments a girl, people automatically assume he wants to sleep with her?

rylaii 26

If that girl would have had to take the next bus OP would have been a jerk. Double standards are awesome.

#22 : ...which makes him the most evil of all the villains of the universe! D:

No, it's the fact that he let her go before him only because she was pretty.

38, stop trying to turn everything into an issue of sexism. It's annoying, and you have no basis for assuming that.

Just because she's pretty does not mean you should let her cut in line.

@19 I was originally in agreement with the op, but one can't really argue with that logic...

Plot twist: the next time you see a pretty girl again, she lets you go on first and the only seat open is next to the same snoring old man.

That'd be an awesomely funny twist, although not from the OP's perspective.

Just wait until next time you see her. Gentlemen and classy women are becoming increasingly scarce.

Totally read this wrong , u though he gave up his seat, like a gentleman normally would. Apparently he's just a walking hardon, my mistake. My bad, yet my comment still stands about the lack of classy people .

I guess fate doesn't want you to be with her.

Would've maybe worked better if you'd got her talking in line. Maybe could've pulled a last minute number when you found out you wouldn't be getting on the bus

I second this, let someone go in front and all they think is 'great I get to cut in!' but if you give her a smile, see if she reciprocates, then strike up a conversation you're far more likely to make an impression!

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Had to click YDI because; the way this is worded has me thinking you wouldn't have been so selfless had the girl not been 'pretty' to you, and I personally would feel extremely uncomfortable knowing that some complete stranger specifically wanted to sit next to me on public transport. Sounds just a tad creepy, regardless of your intentions. Sorry.

Maybe not so creepy seeing as the bus was full and thus he had no option?

Psycho_Babydoll 26

Well OP didn't know the bus was so full as he was expecting to get to sit next to said girl. He didn't realize it was full until she bought her ticket. So no, not really.

Agreed. I get so uncomfortable if someone deliberately is trying to sit next to me. It's okay if there are no other seats, obviously, but if he didn't know the bus was going to be full and planned to sit next to a specific stranger, well, that's just weird.

It's especially creepy when there are plenty of vacant seats on a bus, but someone will sit RIGHT NEXT to you. I mean, I get that some people are just trying to be friendly. But it can be frustrating when you're giving off blatant "I don't want to talk" signals (e.g. headphones in my ears, reading a book, or talking to someone else) and random strangers STILL insist on sitting next to you and striking up a conversation. Doubly worse if it's a long bus ride and they insist on talking non-stop for an hour.

Or, they end up being John Candy in Planes, Trains..

Do they not let you stand on buses there? Inside the buses, not on the roof... **** it, just choose the roof next time. You'll impress her sooo much. ;)

My thoughts as well. People can stand in buses until you're almost at the front of the bus here in BC...

And in Australia too. The average bus capacity here is 58 passengers; 43 seated and 15 standing.

Might depend on the bus. Maybe it's a little one where there is no standing room. Kinda like a shuttle.

Actually, this bus would have been taking him to a different city so everyone would have had to been seated. He should have made that clear, but I know that in that country, you wouldn't need a ticket if the bus wasn't leaving the city.

#37: Only on city buses. But if you're traveling long distance, you have to be seated.