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I do this almost once a week, I never tell the bus driver that I'm getting back on. Most of them notice, I've never seen a Norwegian bus driver, drive away after someone helped someone of the bus. Oh my, that was a weird sentence. FYL, as a Norwegian I know how it is, the bus thingy over here is way different from other countries.


Wow, I bet you were pretty shocked afterwards. At least you were able to help someone else in the process. . . but the worst part is that you lost your stuff. Ouch.

ouch. FYL. If you call the company, however, they may make note of it in the drivers file. I dont know how the transportation system works where you are, but at the local one where I used to live if you get a certain number of warnings you're suspended.

this just happened to someone else on here like a week or two ago. wonder if it was the same driver. those people can be pretty bad sometimes. I've been on buses where the driver spent the entire trip texting and talking on his cell phone, and on buses where I've had to yell at the driver because it was late and they didn't want to exit the highway to go to my stop, they just wanted to keep going to the end of the route. F their L for being unqualified to do anything besides drive a bus.

There's this thing we as humans do called communicating with each other. Had you asked the bus driver to wait a few seconds while you escorted her off the bus, I doubt this would have happened. YDI.

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