The invisible man

By Anonymous - 16/01/2013 06:42

Today, I was the last person in line for going on the bus. Incidentally, I was right behind a guy way taller and wider than me. When he got on the bus, the bus driver immediately shut the door behind him. I was left outside chasing after the bus. FML
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_TasteTheRainbow 24

Wow, that bus driver is rude for not making sure there wasn't anyone else getting on. Sorry OP :(


_TasteTheRainbow 24

Wow, that bus driver is rude for not making sure there wasn't anyone else getting on. Sorry OP :(

klovemachine 24

Why was Shaquille O'neal riding the bus? :)

Diesel go down as another great comment, pleo. I'm trying to think of better one, but wheel all know it won't top the original.

Now that my exams are finally done and dusted, I'm back baby!

These comments keep going round and round. I cant believe how BUSy you guys must be trying to keep up. You must be getting driven crazy with all of this.

It must wheely make your head hurt trying to get those thought pistons go up and down. ( ok that sucked but they already took all the good ones.

strawberrywine22 30

Ouch. Call the bus station and complain? I complained when a bus driver decided to drive five miles off the bus route because she forgot to feed her dog and had to go home to do so. I got suspended for being late for work, but I also got a month-pass for the bus, free!

jogihoppa8343 23

thats life.. sometimes you need to swallow bitter pills..

Was the bus crowded? If yes, the driver might have thought that there was no one else because they couldn't see well with so many people. If not, then that's just rude and impatient of the driver.

I don't really get the necessity of the word 'incidentally' there. I don't think anyone would be like 'WHY WOULD YOU STAND BEHIND THAT GUY THEN!!!' hadn't you put it there..

Cheer up, this happened to tobey maguire right before he turned into spiderman!