By Sunshine56 - 10/11/2016 03:11 - United States - Greenbrier

Today, I sold cigarettes to a woman who promptly told me that she smoked meth. It's only my second night working this job. FML
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"Newport Reds 100s" "Would you like your receipt, ma'am?" "I smoke meth." Walks out without receipt.

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"Newport Reds 100s" "Would you like your receipt, ma'am?" "I smoke meth." Walks out without receipt.

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At least she trusted you with that information haha. Good luck open, there will be more crazy customers where that came from!

Now you know a good meth-od to make some extra money.

Well i had been working six months at a gas store when this girl (about 13-14, usually comes with her mother who would buy cigarettes) comes in with another friend and asked if we had glass straws.. I had no clue what she wanted to do with them. Told her we didn't keep any glass straws and she left. Only when Itold the night security guard and he lamented that Meth is going to kill her young did I know you need a glass tube to smoke meth (this was before breaking bad).. Stay strong you will have much worse weirdos coming in - the random guy who will take a dump, the stoner who will throw everything down in the aisle because you dont have pop tarts, the lady who will take a sip from the milk bottle and keep it back, mean kids who will watch you mop the floor and wait for you to finish before they stomp in with muddy shoes to look around and buy nothing... It is SO hard and sometimes i wondered if it is worth the minimum wage.... Bills to pay...

I'm glad I got the email today that I didn't get the gas station job after reading this

Oh the joys of working in a gas station. I once had a lady throw her scratch off at me and storm out yelling she didn't support "killers" because it said proud supporters of veterans on the ticket.