By Anonymous - 04/12/2010 11:23 - Sweden

Today, I woke up after a dream where I got it good from none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The problem? I'm a guy, and straight. Apparently my subconscious has a fetish for old Austrian bodybuilders. FML
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rldostie 19

Maybe you're not as straight as you think.

JessieMongoose 11



JessieMongoose 11


i second that

Who the hell WOULDN'T wanna get with the Terminator? Oh wait. Straight guys.

iSitt 0

the governor had boobgate a few years ago. maybe you could grow some moobs.

zkchild 0

Sounds like you would like to get marked for termination.

Well, I had a dream last night where I got it good from Ganondorf. Is that weird, too?

I'm sorry but arnie is like Demi-god, he's so manly that this is actually the straightest dream you can have

ShadyFTW1 0

Doin it with a robot isn't gay, just weird

I had a dream about Hugh Jackman once... then again, I'm a straight female, which makes it an LML :D

luvyah 0

Ummmmmmm no wonder no 1 else commented. T-T

the problem is. was the Arnold in his dream the good young ripped Arnold or the old saggy Arnold. :S

KennKenn 0

"I am a sophisticated sex robot sent back in time to change the future for one lucky girl"

^ lol.. or a fag dreaming about guys... lol

He'll be back.

95- american pie 2 ftw (;

KennKenn 0

It's also in AP1, isn't it?

58 I have dreams were I give it good to Zelda

PopRocks14 0

I love your description on your info :D

Ur as straight as a bendy straw

king4209 0

he's from Germany!!!!lmao

you're wrong. he's from Austria

It didn't occur to you to even check that first?

couldn't you atleast google it? or do you got an IQ of a crackhead? :P

he's from Austria lol fail..

Hey pal, you just blow in from stupid town?

rldostie 19

Maybe you're not as straight as you think.

dildo maybe?

This FML sounds like the beginning of a cliche yaoi.

TerrorDollie 0

XD Lol! A dream is a wish! If you think you "had it good" with him them maybe you should reconsider your sexuality.

it is not necessarily a wish it could be a fear, because ur sub conscious deals with both.

RedPillSucks 31

If it was a fear, would he think he "got it good"?

bizarre_ftw 21

To get it good doesn't always mean it was good. In this FML he was probably stating he was fucked good and hard/proper/fast/deep/etc...? Take your pick

bizarre_ftw 21

Btw, a dream is a wish? Then what's with nightmares?

Nightmares are the fears

Umm YDI for creeping me out O___O


"I'll be back" to take your ass "to the chopper"

xFalzz 0

You can also say that his ass got terminated and has no hope for salvation.

DearlyBeloved20 3

XD That's Hilarious

lmao fallz is a bigger win

was he your "new kindergarden teacher"?

hahaha that's hot :)

4- he is austrian -___-

Fail. He's from Thal, Austria. He was even in the Austrian Army.

you are a guy all right. not sure about the other.