By skinsfan7592 - 08/02/2010 15:19 - United States

Today, my dad and I had an argument. Then we went outside to shovel the snow out of the driveway. I heard him yelling and figured he was just yelling at me some more, so I turned my iPod up so I couldn't hear him anymore. Turns out he had fallen, cracked a rib, and needed help up. FML
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you couldve atleast glanced at him! People usually yell for a reason.

That's sad, your poor dad :(


congrats on bein a waste of life

second!!! and that's sad

help I've fallen and I can't get up. get your dad life alert for his birthday.

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If he has another birthday...

@3, commenting doesn't count asshole

That is kind of your fault, but I'm sorry- you must feel awful.

this is kinda gaaaay.

no get him the Hoveround instead so he can ride them in packs with other old people

He could have asked for help first. No need to rip OP.

Lay off the guy. You all don't even know if his dad was near him so obviously if he wasn't he wouldn't notice him on the ground. He was mad and made a mistake, no need to bitch at him.

All I have to say on this matter is that every time my Dad and I fight, he'll draw it out for HOURS. It'll be a day after the fight ended, yet he'll make snide remarks about it. "God I hate it when this happens...just like I hate how you do this." And yet he wonders why I think he's an asshole.

lmao, #9. Thats the first thing I thought of.

I think you guys have petty dads then. When my dad and I argue it only lasts about mayb an hour at most then he takes me out to eat ha

how was he supposed to kno his dad had fallen..op don't b so hard on urself it's not completely ur fault

I know how that goes my dad is kinda long winded too, I probably would have done the samething.


today I was arguing with my son the whole day. he ignored me by putting on his iPod. just then I fell over and broke a rib. he couldn't hear my cries. fml

Lol life alert

Lmao, expired emo skank. First thing I thought of

Why do you comment to get to the top!!!!! It's so stupid!!!!! and annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$!$!!!!!$)))$!!!$$!( pounded keybored )


Help I've fallen and my son won't help me up.

lmfao #9

how'd u know the dad was being an ass? just because he had an argument with his son? ur telling me that u've never had an argument with anyone? oh and I wonder who bought the iPod? oh I'm sure the dad's an ass he even let's his kid go on the Internet and post on fml! stupid!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. seriously, this is HILARIOUS!

OP how do you not distinguish from "NAG NAG COMPLAIN" to "Ugh, someone please help! I dieeeeeeeeed!!!"

Because he was listening to his iPod. Derp

and him flailing around in the ground failed to catch your eye? If his pain was significant enough I higly doubt unless you had your iPod to max and blew out your ears you couldn't at least faintly hear his screams

are you saying that an ipod all the way up blows out peoples eardrums?

after a certain volume it would at the very least hurt your ears or damage them and I am saying unless they ate to that point I doubt they could not even hear his screams or cries for help. even with my iPod up high I can hear my surroundings. to reach the point of being able to no longer hear him yell about his pain he either has noise canceling headphones or had it extemely loud

it can give people hearing damage. i guess that would be sufficient.

Ajjas013 6

That's what happened to Pendantic :( He's deaf in one ear.

He was talking to Pendantic, pendatic.

Ajjas013 6

Wait, didn't you tell me you were deaf in one ear?

You vanished along with ajjas' comment. :(

Ajjas013 6

You are the absolute WORST troll on this website. Not worst as in, you hurt my feelings. But worst as in... To put it bluntly, you suck at trolling.

Oh hey, I can do that too. *ahem* You are the absolute UGLIEST person on this website. Not worst as in, you hurt my eyes. But worst as in... To put it bluntly, your image burns the insides of my soul. I honestly want to thank you for changing your icon though.

WHO CARES?!?!? Do you seriously think that's the problem here, 7? God you're almost as big a fag as the douche who posted this!

thanks from me as well!

Ajjas013 6

Yeah a lot of my comments are vanishing...

O snap! Epic pwnage!

you couldve atleast glanced at him! People usually yell for a reason.

and if you read the whole fml, you would know that the kid thought the reason was that the dad was continuing their argument

...and you didn't see him on the ground?


That's sad, your poor dad :(

rhyme FTW!!

OP should feep bad, her dad might get mad, it isn't a fad, and just I might add, OP's dad is sad. im sorry, i couldn't help it. the urge was too strong :(

What's wrong with you? Jesus... is he ok? Oh my god.

Bit OTT there...

not really. op is a little cowardly fuck. parents should beat them into a bloody pulp, teach them to purposely ignore an authority figure

Exactly my thoughts. The only other explanation I could think of was hearing loss from her excessively loud music.

jrook....relax. wow

#47 I'm pretty sure you're going to have the DHS visiting your house many times. What the hell is wrong with you?!?

moron. I can't even bare my headphones at 80%, especially when I'm at some place quiet, like the front yard.

I hope he learned his lesson. your dad I mean

You're a horrible son! FyourdadsL.