By savvylady - 18/06/2009 04:52 - United States

Today, I was invited out to a date by my ex-boyfriend. He seemed really excited to reconnect and kept holding my hand and complimenting how I looked. Out of nowhere a girl runs up to him screaming. It was his current girlfriend, he was using me to make her jealous. FML
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Agree, they are EX's for a reason ya know. YDI for doin that. Should have known something was up.

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... bummer. Well! He doesn't seem like the greatest guy. Good riddance.

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damn, i had this before... except my ex gf was making her current boyfriend jealous.. well you`re a girl.. u could at least kick him in the... family jewels

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BOTH girls should've kicked him in the nuts.

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She should of kicked him in the futur babies LOL shouldn't hit him in the balls.. he may atop acting like an ignorant fucktwat later and be a decent guy and want kids. punch him in the face.

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At least he thought you had potential enough to make her jealous? Anyways, you really shouldn't go back to ex's, mostly. They always seem to continue find ways to **** you over in the end...

Pahaha.. Aw.. Seemed to work at least. Scary-sounding current girlfriend.

And this is why we stay away from our exes.

That's the moment when you tell him in front of her you have herpes and you're preggas