By sirswank - 10/08/2017 13:00

Today, after giving my kids a lengthy bedtime lecture about the merits of being responsible, I thought about all the chores I had left to do, promptly ate ice cream in the shower, and went to bed. FML
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Okay I wanna to know how one eats ice cream in the shower without ruining it with hot/warm water!

"Do as I say, not as I do"


"Do as I say, not as I do"

We all know which of the two the kids usually follow

Okay I wanna to know how one eats ice cream in the shower without ruining it with hot/warm water!

I too am curious as to how she achieved this, please give us a follow up OP.

I think OP is a he. I too would like to know how he achieved this. Unless he simply sat in the shower without the water running. But that sort-of raises more questions than it answers.

I'm more curious on the why...

OP probably meant eating ice cream in the tub.

Stand with your back to the water...

The steam would melt said ice cream tho

I'd like to explain procrastination, but someone will do it, eventually.

Do as I say& not as I do :) :) :) :)

Oops hadn't read thru the comments& didn't know someone had already posted what I said so to the person who said it first awesome comment:) :) great minds think alike;)

Don’t be a hypocrite! Just tell your kids you’re not a role model, you’re a cautionary tale. Problem solved.

Sounds more like a lecture on how to be a hypocrite, cause you nailed the demonstration.

You don't have to explain hypocrisy. Adulthood does that for you..

I can understand if you had a busy day at work. Hopefully, you have more energy tomorrow.

Procrastinators unite!! Tomorrow

sometimes being the adult is good!

That's one of the 'perks' of being a parent!! ? You have a choice in whether or not you will do (insert not-fun, but also must-be-done chore) now or at a later time! Your children, on the other hand, do not!