By sam882 - 23/02/2015 06:49 - United States - Saegertown

Today, a man approached me and told me he wanted to drink my dirty bath water. FML
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sam882 tells us more.

I was completely shocked and at the same time embarrassed. I had to just walk away, completely speechless. It took a moment to register with me that i actually heard that. haha

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ajs1987 15

I've heard that disgusting line before from a few buddies. The worst one I've ever heard is "I would suck a fart from her ass and hold it like a bong hit."

What the ****? FYL


Some people are absoultly revolting!

More or less so than your spelling of "absolutely" ?

She meant revolting, with your entire soul.

Sorry I'm not perfect in my spelling and make a mistake once in a while! Yeesh

Stephencharis 14

the guy is simply on a voodoo mission...

It's not nasty, it's the new, hip thing, because clean, unused water is too mainstream.

Must have missed that memo

52 - A red line appears under words that are spelled wrong. Don't try to act like you're not stupid. Don't submit comments until there aren't red lines in your message. Use Google to help you. Any idiot could figure that out. I guess you can't.

Actually being on a cell phone I do not have that 'red line' that you speak of. But thank you for your insight that is of no help to me!

I'm on my cellphone and the line does appear. Stop lying please.

Don't know what phone you have... But it does not appear on mine. Please stop acting like you know it all!

You can lie if it makes you feel better, but lease take my suggestion to heart next time. If you see a red line or don't know how to spell something, use Google to learn how to spell it. Don't make up lies and excuses for being uneducated.

tantanpanda 26

Asshole. I have a samsung S4. No red line appears under my words if I misspell it. The world does not revolve around you; just because your phone does that doesn't mean it's universal.

Even so, if you don't know how to spell a word, you should Google it and learn it. Again, she's just making up excuses to be uneducated.

You know nothing about me! Sorry! Just because I spelt one word does not mean I'm stupid! It's not a crime to make a mistake! I just happened to learn something new! It's called life! Grow up!

Wow you need to take a serious chill pill. You pointed out her spelling error now move along.

" Just because I spelt one word WORNG does not mean I'm stupid!" Fixed that for you. You can't even form a complete sentence. You are definitely an idiot.

mellajella I have reported you for being a Dic Lick

Ikashy73 14

I love that you made a spelling mistake while going bat-shit crazy about another person's spelling mistake.

Holy hell move on! Get a life!!! By the way you spelt wrong 'worng'

Ass holes with iPhones, think they know it all. Stick with the droid.

Wow someone has a stick up their ass. The only time grammar/spelling Naziism is appropriate is if the person being corrected is a douche canoe, in my opinion. Furthermore, not everyone's first language is English. I don't know if that's the case with you, 1, but it's a valid reason to not have perfect spelling. Polite, constructive criticism would be far more appropriate in this situation. Lastly, I have an iphone, albeit a 4, and I have never seen the red squiggly line for misspelled words.

English is my only language, but my brain sometimes likes to go play hide and seek, especially if my kids are off to bed! Lol, thanks everyone for sticking up for me! Someone must have been having a really bad day and felt the need to try to ruin someone else's. I found it very humorous!

You are a horrible example to your kids.

Don't you ******* dare bring my kids into this! You don't know me, you know nothing about me, and now that you brought my kids into this you can **** off! Just because I happen to spell a word wrong does not mean I am bad mom! So now, go find something actually worthwhile to take your frustrations out on!

It's not because you spelled a word wrong. It's because you knew you couldn't spell it so decided to just wing it instead of taking any effort to learn it first. Then you sit there and make excuses. See? Bad example.

What happened to the story line that was going on here? It was funny!!

people aren't getting creepy. it's more the rest of us not open enough to others' expressions of affection. clearly he's creepy though

First whole FMLs are disappearing (a roommate who likes things in even pairs and a roommate who likes things in 3's), now comments. There were like 7 here before.

Holy hell the comments poofed again! FML Illuminati confirmed!

The comments keep going, I'm scared.

That's just gross

*Slow applaud*

What the ****? FYL

PerditaDessa 38

I'm sure it existed before Boo the Pomeranian, but "Hi, I'm Boo and I want to drink your dirty bath water." and "Hi, I'm Boo and I want to break all your fingers." Were both really popular online in early 2012. Creepy internet things should stay online not be said to people in the real world.

I read it as dirty birth water.. And was even more disgusted.

I assume this had to be in a weird part of town. Water you doing there OP?

conman531 23

I don't know if when you said water if that was an auto correct or not, either way, it was hilarious.

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conman531 23

So that's what passes as a compliment these days, huh?

I see your point, but there thousands of better ways to compliment someone.

But, some people are stupid.

ajs1987 15

I've heard that disgusting line before from a few buddies. The worst one I've ever heard is "I would suck a fart from her ass and hold it like a bong hit."

My fav is I'd eat milk duds out of your butt

"I'd drag my balls over a mile of glass shards just to hear you fart over a walkie talkie"

The worst I've heard is "I wish I could swim in a ocean of her period blood". Disgusting.

Jesus, the desperation in these pick-up lines...

You win the Internet with that one. Nasty. D:

I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from.

Whatever happen to the cheesy cute pick up lines like "if god ever made someone prettier than you I hope he kept her for himself"

8313girl 28

Wow and I thought the worst thing I ever heard from a guy was "Girl you look so good I wanna sop you up with a biscuit!"

"I'd eat the corn out of her shit." heard that one a couple times. blech.

PizzaElHutt 7

"I'd eat that ass out with a spoon."

Thats also on "Good Luck Chuck" lol.

I just don't know anymore. I thought nipple clamps were weird. but this just topped it. sorry you had to go through that.

that's unsanitary

Among other things...

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So you're saying OP is a weird thing? Hmmmm

Sorry didn't realize the wording I used there! Was referring to the drinking of the dirty water.

Scheffy213 17

That's gross and disrupting