By Anonymous - 01/10/2012 14:50 - Sweden - Stockholm

Today, I had to explain to my 22-year-old boyfriend that mice do not grow up to be rats. FML
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No, stupid boys who cheat on girls grow up to be rats.

Of course they don't gro up into rats! They EVOLVE into them!


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Between a mouse and a rat...?

It's like lion versus tiger. Similar, yet two completely different animals.

13. But both can talk.

Ch-ch-ch-Chip n Dale! Rescue Rangers!!

Chip 'N Dale are neither rats nor mice, but chipmunks, so not sure where you were going with that...

Maybe he's comparing Chip n' Dale's transformation to the mice transforming to a rat. You know, a mouse grows up to be a rat and Chip n' Dale grow up to be male strippers. Yeah... that's definitely what he meant!

...does this mean I'm gonna be a stripper?

unknown_user5566 26

Squeaky, I sure hope so!

SqueakyChipmunk I was just waiting for you to come along.

Shit, an ambush!

Of course they don't gro up into rats! They EVOLVE into them!

*grow. (Stupid autocorrect.)

I'm pretty sure it was a joke. Tumblr will teach you the popularity of the "stupid autocorrect" joke.

How cheesey! That's raticulous. I find it amazing really rat he would think such vermin. It sure was mice of you to have talked to him about that pesty mix up.

No, stupid boys who cheat on girls grow up to be rats.

Doc, don't insult rats like that.

Well that and snitches who betray their friends grow up to become rats.

Eh guess my rat's just weird then. He grew up and became a chef.

Arrite, it's gotta be eider Johnny Tightlips or Jimmy da Squeala.

Well! That escalated quickly!

Aw. I think it's cute that he's retarded.

Lol I understand why you're getting thumbed down, but your comment actually made me laugh. Must have been the irony.

Well I just learned something new. Thanks, op.

I think it's cute too


So if he sees mice in your house, does he think it's not a problem until they grow up? Cuz either way you should call an exterminator...

Or they where at a pet shop and saw the two animals?

That's why I said if he sees them IN HER HOUSE

The mouse in my house grew up to be suplexed by a mouse trap 2 days ago :-)

He has it wrong, everyone knows that bats eventually shed their wings to become rats and mice grow to become picachu

I'm sorry. Great comment... But... Pikachu* It was just bugging me :(

It's ok, I wasn't 100% on spelling and I was debating if I should capitalize it or not. My thoughts were that because Pikachu is not a human name and there can be more than one, it should be lowercase. :) Thanks anyway for the spell check.

You're welcome. And now I'm doubting whether or not it's capitalised... I think it is?

Pikachu is correct :)

I wonder who told him that. I smell a rat...

I just smell a moron. (And it ain't just you, 10!)

^same guy who smelled his breath on the bus?

Talking to me, 56? If you are, I'm not sure I get the reference--sorry.

I see what you did there

No...beavers shrink to become rats.

What an idiot... He's all yours op... Congrats!!

Your boyfriend is a moron.