Run away time!

By CreepedOut - 09/03/2010 06:31 - United States

Today, I walked into a subway car which was empty except for this sleeping hobo. Three stops later, the guy wakes up and starts peeing in the corner. I ignore it thinking he'll go back to sleep. Silly me, I didn't realize that he would start running towards me, still peeing. FML
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Did you kick him in the balls? ^^

YDI for looking like an urinal.


curlgirl1311 0

ewww! that really sucks! :(

It does, yes...

YDI for looking like an urinal.

shadow33456 1

ydi for not letting him pee on you

Jdelakas 0

you let people pee on the subway? gosh silly yanks. here our subways are clean.

silly forginers we piss everywhere! besides we make up for good dental care and taxes ^_^. ( as of now till congress passes obamanations bill )

Prototype12 0

I had a 8-legged cow run after me once while it was still eating a 4 year old kid. True Story

We dont let anything: Its just when those crazies pull a knife or gun then hey its not my subway after all so why should I die for it LOL

MetroidSlayer01 8

@35, are you by any chance suggesting that the fine users of fml would ever post a fake story? that is rediculous good sir.

princess09 3

what does ftw means?

princess09 3

lol I doubt it means that, but u still made me laugh :-)

princess09 3

oOo ok thanxx

o punch to the face is all it takes

TapeMan_3000 0

lol the british guy. no we don't "let" people do it, but stuff happens. that's like saying "in my country, we don't let people steal stuff, so it never happens cause they aren't allowed too!"

@31 lol at obamanations bill

31, I really hope you know that's a stereotype. The dental in other places than the States is absoloutely fine, you tart.

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@35 epic

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@13 LOL

SeedlessMe 13

Yeah, sadly I knew it was NY before i looked.. Gotta love it, it's the city where there is NEVER a boring night out.

M4V3R1CKR13 0

did u get a 5 doller foot long all over ur face

ew . what a derranged fellow hobo. i would scream and run away! or kick him. whatever works :P

Raiden353 0

#13 epic win! Also maybe you should've peed on the hobo. That would've showed him!

ydi for being silly :)

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DisappearingRose 18

lmao 13

Free Tinky Winky FTW!

kick him in the balls while you see them xD

epicfailburger 0

Today, I was sleeping and I suddenly woke up and had too pee. I pissed in the corner and I suddenly wanted to give the person there a hi five. as I was running towards them, I forgot to "put up my drawbridge"

sugarbabyxoxo 2

13 ftw

Did you kick him in the balls? ^^

that shoulda been the first thing to happen

AznWaffle8 0

If he did that, then it would fly EVERYWHERE... And who knows how dirty hobos can be?

did he pee ON you?

Because they are rebels and don't do that conformist stuff

I suspect the OP called the bum's grandmother a GILF, questioned his Hobo ancestry, smashed a vodka bottle over his own head, and things just followed on naturally from there. Hence, YDI. That or the trolls are out this morning.

yeah the rebels think probably ydi you went into the subway. you're just ******* living your life out and shit happens out of your control- sorry OP but that definitely dampens the day specially if they peed on you.

lol... dampens... lmao... ahhh thats such a terible pun but i still laughed at it

Nothing like getting a golden shower on the subway. (^.^)

Don't you just love the crazy hobos.