By kennyjhynes - 23/06/2014 13:56 - United States

Today, I drove 12 hours with 6 screaming little girls. They were arguing about things that should've been in the Lego movie. They watched it 4 times. FML
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I see future film screenwriters.


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I see future film screenwriters.

It could've been worse though right? They could've been screaming about the kardashians.... Then you'd truly be dead OP.

I think being around six screaming little girls for twelve hours is pretty excruciating, no matter what the topic is.

jojimugo 20

Nah sounds more like movie critics

The stop motion is a little weird to get used to at first, but the writing and voice acting is hilarious.

It's actually entirely CGI minus the end credits! And the cast is phenomenal! I was worried about the storyline when I first saw the posters, but it's such a great movie. I probably couldn't discuss it for 12 hours, but that's me.

Yakostovian 18

Basically, it turns every repetitive bad movie idea on its head and spins it into something wonderful and unexpected. 9/10.

Ummm.... When did you here that it's Cgi? It's completey real. Those were all Legos...

I must have made every one of my coworker's' hit lists when I started continually yelling Spaceship. That was the best!

maverick1752 16

It's part CGI and part stop-motion, some of that stuff would be impossible to make a scene out of just using legos

They must love rotten tomatoes then

Get them to join the movie directing business,obviously when they get a little older

Wait, I thought everything was awesome?

gjikvtj 18

Everything is awesome!!! Only when.... "You're a part of a team"

ear plugs would of helped somewhat, it may not make them seem silent, but it should at least muffle the noise

I believe that is illegal in most states in the US. You need to be able to hear sirens.

It is prohibited to use anything that covers/plugs your ears such as headphones, earbuds, and earplugs in most states. Drivers need to communicate to one another not only by sight but by sound especially in emergency cases.

And yet somewhat ironically it's legal for deaf people to drive.

TurtleLightning 7

See I'm smart, I am with my gf right now an 2 little screaming girls, we kept them up all night and presto, sleeping kids

#38 I take offense to that. I am deaf and so are my aunt and uncle. we all drive. I even drive a stick better than most guys I know so I suggest you have more respect and do your research. it is actually very easy for us to drive we just have to pay more attention to things around us. And added bonus, no distraction from 6 screaming kids

I don't think he was saying that deaf people can't drive stick shift, just that it's odd that one law implies hearing is necessary to drive safely while another contradicts that. But hey, it's the future. Who am I to tell you what to and not to be offended by.

Why would it be illegal for deaf people to drive? In most cases, they were born deaf and can function just fine, if not better, than people who can hear. I have a deaf friend and she is definately a hell of a lot better driver than a lot of people who can hear. They pay better attention to the roads. Are they not allowed to go to the movies because they can't hear what's going on?

RedPillSucks 31

Read #47s response. It's a legitimate question. I'm sure there's a simple response from someone who knows the law. There's no need to rail against the person asking the question. I don't think any slight against deaf people was intended. It was simply a point about how contradictory some laws can be.

It is very different to no be able to hear honks/sirens/etc because of something outside of your control versus putting ear plugs in.

54 It's illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of diability, so that's my nest guess. Despite the dact it'd be better if they could here, you can't deny a person a license solely on the basis of deafness.

RedPillSucks 31

That's fine. We're not really talking about discrimination. So the point would be, if hearing is not required for driving (legally), why is there a prohibition against wearing headphones/earbuds while driving?

The music might become a distraction whereas someone who is deaf cannot hear so isn't distracted from their driving

At least it was the lego movie and not something like One Direction or Frozen or even Justin Bieber

AnOriginalName 19

You saying there's something wrong with Frozen?

No but there's something wrong with the little girls screaming how good frozen is and blasting let it go full volume. But maybe that's just me.

I never want to hear "Let It Go" ever again...I feel your pain 63...

And then to OP's horror the radio is playing... "Everything is awesome" The 6 girl crowd goes wild!!

ThatStudent 5

Now imagine if you took them to see Frozen instead.

Then, they would have really been arguing, due to the inability to just... let it go.

Then they'd be begging to build a snowman.