By AGB10 - 23/06/2014 18:11 - United Kingdom - Tunbridge Wells

Today, I made an excuse and didn't turn up at work. Little did I know my boss did the same. We both bumped into each other at the shopping centre across town. FML
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Atleast you could try laugh it off with him to get out of trouble


Atleast you could try laugh it off with him to get out of trouble

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Adam you need a new space bar

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You need better things to do

I agree #1 this is for the office party!

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Where did you go shopping with your boss

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You really love getting top comment don't you number 1

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Well even if the boss doesn't get him/her in trouble, he now knows what kind of person he/she is and will be less likely to trust them.

well, the same kind of person as the boss then...

Because of 2 words? Dipshit... Fast typing does that

It doesn't sound that bad overall OP, they did the same. Probably could've had a good time

I wonder if the boss hates him and try's to fire him over it

He could be one of those "Do as I say but not what I do" types of boss.

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Well if your boss did it too they can't really get mad at you. They're just as guilty.

One of the perks to being the boss is that you need not follow the rules. Note that the post is not "I skipped out of work and ran into my employee FML".

Well at least he can't blame you for a crime he commited as well. Hope you don't get in trouble, but it is kinda your own fault.

its not a crime to ditch work. I say they deserved it because they lied just to stay home. They deserve to get fired for that sort of thing. Luckily, their boss doesnt have a good reason to fire them since they did the same thing.

Here's to hoping you don't get written up while he gets away with it

Bumped into each other at the Strip Club huh? Good choice.

That name happens to go perfectly with your comment.

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Offer to buy them something

Hopefully, your bribery... pays off. Get it cuz bribery and pay off is...No you're right... I'm sorry, I'll let myself out now.

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No..its not funny when you explain your joke.

Thanks, professor, is there anything else I should know?

In line at the unemployment office. -"Damn cutbacks and corporate downsizing. My entire office was off-shored. How'd you lose your job?" -"It's a funny story actually..."

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Well if both of you did the same, just hush up and say nothing... Just do the nod and move on.