By crazy_mom - 01/11/2010 15:10 - United States

Today, a girl I like came over to my house because I'd promised to help her prepare for a math test. My mom thought it would be funny to put a stack of porn magazines and handcuffs on the table in my room when I went to open the door. FML
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Where the **** mags & handcuffs from your Moms personal stash? Kind of disturbing.

I can imagine the explanation now 'Wait don't leave they are my mom's mags n cuffs!' lmao


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Who wants a gf cuz I'm available

did you really just say that? if ur serious ur pathetic.

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What does drinking eyedrops do to you?

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where did your mom get the **** and handcuffs?

That sucks, but mostly you deserve it for saying "maths" if you're living in the US.

LOL #22...I second that

knibbsy 4

22 and 23, refer to comment number 5 below.

Did you get your freak on?

kofinater 3

if he did it wouldn't be a fml anymore, now would it?

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why would your mom think that's funny...

Haha_Owned3 6

it is funny... Just sayin.. =]

KingDingALing 9

^This. Your mom is evil.

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how bout y did the mom even have these things

planbsponserme 2

your mom is so cool. bet shes a milf too

gtdriver. nice dfs. lol

well at least you don't have to worry about you mom getting you in trouble for watching ****?

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maybe she wants to get the three-way on or that was 4 her and ur lady friend (or ur dad)

Because she has this thing called 'sense of humour' I think that's bloody hilarious. However, why would OP's mother have **** magazines and handcuffs >_<

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Haha well I think it's funny

its cool offer to get ur mom a drink and put eyedrops in it. thatll teach her.

Yes let's put his mother in a coma for a prank

is that wut eyedrops can do?

noo it just gives u diarhea

Is that sarcasm?

knibbsy 4

A maths test, eh? At least it wasn't a sciences test or an Englishs test.

That's how they spell it everywhere except America. Who's a prick now?

Still you, mordion.

He wasn't a prick until asking 'who's a prick now?' You need to learn to roll with Knibbsy, and if he's wrong just go 'Ahhh, what's he like!' :)

knibbsy 4

mordion, your point is irrelevant because OP is from the US. So its seems likes you'res stills the pricks.

I'm not a prick, I'm an ass. The subtle difference is that my original statement was correct. :D

The fact that he said "maths" is a pretty reliable indication that he isn't *from* the US, even if he lives here now.

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Um, no it's not.

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Maths is infact correct. Look it up why don't you? I use it all the time and so does my family from England.

you know, you could have a sciences test, if it was an overall test. and Englishs would become Englishes, #5

Well the whole term is actually mathematics, you would'nt say mathematic now would you.

Oooh, a maths debate. Can I join in? *fapfapfap*

1.75, 3.5, 5.25 only if you know what the 52nd term would be :)

yes maths... as in short for mathematics... you'll notice both are plural so maths is actually more grammatically correct than math singular.. don't be such a smartass

You're wrong. we are shortening mathematics to math(ematics). so it would not be math(ematic)s. That would be stupid.

thank you for clearing that up, I didn't know that. mom:="win"

retard, in the uk maths means mathematics because mathematics is plural. so technically Americans are the people pronouncing it wrong. asshole

silly uk peasants, no wonder the British empire has crumbled away

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go suck a chode mordion

:o MAZCAR is it 91?

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Except op apparently lives in the United States.

Where the **** mags & handcuffs from your Moms personal stash? Kind of disturbing.

I can imagine the explanation now 'Wait don't leave they are my mom's mags n cuffs!' lmao

That would be hilarious! xD @ OP, You're mom is hilarious although it sucks for you. None-the-lesssssss. HILARIOUS :L

I bet his mom had it all figured out. Once you'll laugh.

You should have told her that was for later, *wink* and then throw the mags @ ur mom

Your mother did this?!? What the hell goes on at your house? I'm not saying your mother should not have a sex life, but does she not know what a boundary is?

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I bought my mom **** and cuffs for her and her boyfriend...what of it...

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omg that is cold but fuking hilarious god damn your moms a bitch woulda been great if the girl was into that kinda thing tho

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Are you SURE you wanted to teach her maths?