By Anonymous - 01/11/2010 15:00 - Australia

Today, I had to explain to my mother that it is inappropriate to hit on my boyfriend when his parents are over for dinner. FML
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knibbsy 4

It's just appropriate when his parents aren't around. Anything goes then.




KingDingALing 9

That's not awkward... It's kinky ;). I sense an orgy coming on...

more like threesome.

KingDingALing 9

What about the parents? It would be the OP, OP's mom, OP's boyfriend, and the OP's boyfriend's parents. That's more then three. If it's more then three people, it's an orgy! ;}

knibbsy 4

It's just appropriate when his parents aren't around. Anything goes then.

Oh of course! I do love the fact that she seems to be fine with the fact that her mom can't stop herself from oogling and coppin a feel when his parents aren't there.

knibbsy 4

"Mom, wait until his parents are gone then I'll let you have your way with him!"

_Annonymous_ 0

I was thinking the same thing as 13!

bAndBanGerFTW 0

11, I'd oogle and cop feels of you. Your the hottest bitch on here.

No thank you bAndBanGer. I think I'll pass on that tempting offer. Oh! And it's you're*

perdix 29

Proper etiquette calls for her to hit on your boyfriend's dad. She shouldn't be horning in on your action, but rather on his mom's action. This is straight from Emily Post, trust me.

such words of wisdom.

Perdix, I believe I have said "You excel yourself" before, on some other wisdom. This time you excel yourself beyond whatever that was. You really need to publish something. I'm sure you would be a hit.

The first thing I want to see in my newspaper is "Perdix's Posts: The Genius of Smart Trolling." Start writing the damn article.

Cue the 100 MILF and cougar comments...

How was that? ¥

Ha, you forgot the 'Threesome !' comments ..

Your boyfriend is couger bait.

roaminginsomniac 0

Wow! Your mom is a real piece of work. Maybe you shouldn't bring men around her- period.

That's nastyyy, yo mamma got a problemmmm. And the problem is you! Lol

hahaha that's hilarious

wtf where are my comments? they were there and now they are gone.

On the bright side, you have leverage next time she's annoyed at you for something.